Goal Diggers NZ is a community buzzing with like-minded people who are enthusiastic about prioritising their holistic heath and  discovering their own ‘more’ to life. They are courageous enough to unleash their dreams as they embody the #GDNZLIFESTYLE of living a kick-ass fulfilling life by doing more, seeing more and being more. Goal Diggers NZ empowers its community to create a life they want to live, not one they have been conditioned to think that they should be living.

Bridget works one-on-one with her coaching clients. She has them dreaming up their ideal life and creating goals to start bringing that life into reality! Bridget has worked with over 40+ dedicated GDNZ coaching clients since establishing GDNZ in late 2015. With her support they have self-created their own kick-ass fulfilling lives. Head over to the  testimonial page to check out some of the awe inspiring and empowered  Goal Diggers that Bridget has coached.


Born and raised on a sheep and beef farm in Southland, New Zealand, with her Mum, Dad, older sister and brother.  Bridget is in absolute awe of mother nature and loves getting out in the fresh air on regular active adventures. The latest being a hike up Ben Lomond in Queenstown, skiing Mt Hutt in Canterbury and runs on  the beautiful Papamoa Beach. She is an advocate for holistic health and strongly believes everyone should be mindful of how they’re fuelling both their physical bodies and their minds.

After realising there was more to life than being stuck in an uninspiring routine of working full-time, Bridget decided she wanted to take charge to live life her way by doing more, seeing more and being more! This was where Bridget chose to leave her comfortable and secure career to start Goal Diggers NZ.  GDNZ was established in October 2015, after Bridget completed a Diploma in Professional Coaching. She also holds a number of other qualifications including a Certificate in Sports Training and Development, Bachelor of Education Studies endorsed in Social Studies Education and a Graduate Diploma in Education and Teaching endorsed in Primary Education.

Bridget loves nothing more than witnessing her coaching clients personal growth, she describes it as one of the most fulfilling feelings you can imagine. “To see them not only reach their physical goals but change their whole mindset and attitude towards themselves. When they really start to show up and start living a fulfilling life, it just gives me chills. My coaching clients being able to recognise these changes in themselves is the icing on the cake.” 


Are you ready to step up and take your life to the next level and start smashing your own goals? Learn more about Goal Diggers NZ’s coaching package.