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It’s that time of year again. The time when the leaves start to fall, the wind gets a bit nippier and you start to ask yourself “how the heck is the year going so fast already?!”

The change of seasons often brings with it a bit of an uncomfortable, niggly feeling. As much as we love snuggling up and listening to rain on the roof, we don’t so much love the feeling that maybe we haven’t achieved what we wanted to yet this year. But here’s the thing guys, it’s bloody okay. It’s more than okay. As we’ve said before (maybe one hundred or so times!) where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be. It’s where you go next that you can work on. Life is constantly changing, so it’s important to check in more than once a year and be open to changing direction as your goals do.

Lean into the discomfort and use this change of season as a reminder to take a pause. Heck, even nature does that – using autumn as a way to ease her into the intensity of winter. So take her cue and do the same.  We’ve put together some ways you goal digging humans can do that – pause, reflect and then decide what you want to happen next.

  1. Don’t fight it. Sometimes when you’re taking the time to look at where you are right now, you don’t like what you see. But don’t fight it. Whatever has led you here has happened and you can’t change that – you can only learn from it. You can even use the feels to help you work out what you do want, based on what you don’t.
  2. Give yourself some space and time to reflect. Make it a date with yourself even! You could take yourself out for lunch and journal your thoughts on the year and your goals, or set yourself down in your fav spot in the house with some candles and dark choc. It’s hard to reflect if you’re just trying to cram it into the rest of your day.
  3. Look at what your big goals for the year were. Are they still the same? Or have you realised you want to change the direction of them? This is when you can work out what steps you can take from now to work towards them.

    If you’ve found you’ve been a harry hardout procrastinator towards some of them, ask yourself why. We often find when we’re procrastinating something it’s because we’re either a) not actually wanting to achieve that anymore or b) have some discomfort getting in our way that we really need to look at and decipher.
  4. Celebrate. Give yourself a big ass high 5 for what you have achieved so far this year. None of us do that enough! We can bet you’ve actually done more than you think, so bloody well celebrate them!

If you’ve reflected and realised you want some more help with your goals, or feel a bit out of touch with what you’re doing, contact us and we can help you!

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Releasing what no longer serves you to uplevel your life + Newstalk ZB Interview

Naturally as humans we hold on tight to things that have left an imprint on us. Mostly things that we have experienced in a positive way but sometimes in a negative way. We end up collecting things, habits, beliefs as well as people in our life because we think we need more, regardless of whether they are serving us or not.


This week on Newstalk ZB, our head Goals Coach, Bridget Paddon, spoke to Jack Tame about the importance of decluttering your life, including your friends, to make room and space for things that really make you happy, have true purpose in your life and add significant value in your kick ass fulfilling life.

Listen to the audio below for all of the coaching gems.

This is a huge focus of our coaching here at Goal Diggers NZ, releasing what no longer serves you! Check out the full three month transformation package here or the upcoming round of the sell out online group coaching course Aligned here

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The importance of morning routines and how to set up your own.

Our founder Bridget – aka the new expert life coach for News Talk ZB’s Saturday morning segment – talked to Jake Tame recently about morning routines.

Morning routines set you up for the day – if you start reactive, you’re probably going to continue reactive. It sets up the tone for the day – how you feel for the rest of the day and how you act as a result. Why wouldn’t you want to find a way to feel awesome and act at your best right?!

Here are some of the tips from the segment about setting up your own routine.

1. Start with thinking about how you want to feel throughout the day.

2. Look at actions you can take in the morning to feel that way. For example if you want to feel energised your morning might consist of a powerhouse breakfast and a high intensity session.

3. Try avoid media/phone/tv until you’ve started the day the way you want to. Then you’re setting your own expectations and feelings to start the day rather than just taking in everyone else’s. Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

Jack even had a good tip himself – he likes to add in some “fat” by making sure there is extra time in his morning routine. This helps him start the day calm because there was no worries about running late.

Have a listen to the audio below to get all of the dets and extra tips Bids shared.

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If you follow along on IG you will know that I spent most of July naturegasming in Takapuna while house and puppy sitting for my friend Emma. What most of you don’t know is that I actually lost Luna. Ha, I bet you’re thinking, gee Bids you kept that one well under wraps.


I know right. Like worst case fucking scenario ever. Losing the dog that you’ve flown to Auckland to look after. Not to mention Em loves her like nothing else on this planet. As horrendous as the whole experience was, there were a few lessons learnt from the palava that I want to share with you all, because I think they’re bloody gems. I’m going to take one for the team and relive the day for you so the context is set and the lessons are wildy powerful.


One of my favourite people and amazing friend Soph was up for the weekend. It was Sunday. We had just gotten back from crystal shopping if I remember correctly, hello angel phantom and we were having a quick tidy up before we headed off to some delicious yin yoga to finish off the weekend with those chill and zen vibes. To be completely honest I was having a bit of a shit weekend – I’m not sure what it was but it was one of the weekends where nothing was flowing, nothing was going smoothly, negative nancy was hanging around like a stage 5 clinger and no matter how hard I tired couldn’t shake her – I’d actually nearly killed us (slight exaggeration, only slight though) on the motorway earlier that day – oh Auckland traffic, I’m not sure if you and I will ever be friends. We had gotten home and I’d had the front door open while putting some rubbish out the in the wheelie bin. And that was all it bloody took (Lesson #1 always shut the front door). Soph came to me and asked if Luna was with me? At first I was sure she would be out the back chewing a bone, digging a hole, or inside sleeping on one of the beds, I didn’t believe she would have left the building, especially in that short amount of time. Once we had checked the backyard, under the bush, one of her favourites places to sleep, in all the rooms inside and we couldn’t find her, I instantly wanted to be sick. I had to try my hardest not to burst into tears right there – worst case scenario instantly came to mind, as it usually does – OMG she’s been hit by a car and she’s dead. I’ve killed Emma’s dog. But in that moment I quickly had to suck that up, I wasn’t going to find the beautiful girl by crying about it.


Soph and I headed off straight to the beach – as you’ll all know, one of Luna’s favourite places. We had been going everyday and thought she might have been trying to make her way down there. Nope. We drove back to the house. Soph jumped out and started a walking searching party over at the school across the road while I went inside and called Erin, Em’s friend, Luna’s Aunty, who walks Luna everyday – no answer, ahhh. I called the council who directed me to fill out the missing dog form on the website. Erin joined in on the search party and I jumped back in the car to driving around calling her name, asking everyone that was out walking or running if they had seen her, for about 3 hours.


At about 7.30pm we decided to call it a night. We all agreed that someone had to have picked her up, she had to be with someone because a) she loves people and other dogs, she isn’t much of a solo adventurer and b) we had driven the neighbourhood for 3 hours straight, calling her name, and asking everyone if they’d seen her.


Not long after we had decided to call it a night we had a breakthrough – the neighbour had seen a Facebook post of Luna, a lady had her at her home. Luna had been hit by a car and this lady that had her had seen it all unfold and had taken Luna home. She had been ringing Em’s number of the back of Luna’s tag – but Em was in America, asleep. The power of social media. Erin and I went and picked her up, turns out she was only 800m down the road, and when the lady found her she was literally right outside our house trying to cross the road to head over to the school. Thankfully the universe had my back, and Luna was fine. The lady had seen her be clipped by a car but Luna had no obvious physical injuries, marks or pain. I took her to the vet the next day for an overall check up and thankfully didn’t have a scratch, bruise or mark on her.


So apart from learning to always keep the front door shut, what else did I learn from losing Luna?


I can 100% confirm that I manifested that situation. It was almost as if I had said, universe what else can go wrong this weekend? And old mate happily provided because he’s good like that. He’ll always give you what you want when you’re clear about what it is plus add a bit of emotion to it to really fuel the fire.

The lesson here is to keep you thoughts, words and energy in alignment with what you want. You create your reality. The power of your thoughts, words and energy are indescribably powerful. Gratitude journaling, vision board, visualisations, meditation and dance parties are … for a reason. Check in with what you’re putting out to the universe regularly – are you putting out what you want? Are you seeking abundance, or are you thoughts and words driven by lack, scarcity and fear?

Journaling in the morning is a very powerful ritual that can set the intention and tone for the day. I’ve been doing it every morning for five months now and it’s changed my life. And surprise surprise, guess what was missing from my morning routine the weekend Luna went missing. You totally set yourself up Bids. LESSON LEARNT UNI!


Holy shit. There was no limit to what I would have done to get Luna back on that Sunday night. This included running the length of Takapuna beach four times, driving around at about 10km/h shouting out ‘Luna’ every 20 metres, slyly driving up to anyone walking down the street and asking them if they had seen a white german shepherd. Visualising Luna being home with us. Calling anyone that could help. Driving, driving, driving with a whole bucket load of determination, not willing to give up. I was about to take it to social media before she found us first.

When you want something bad enough – you’ll do everything in your power to make it happen. I’m talking all goals. Relationship goals. Holistic health goals. Morning routine goals. Personal development goals. Business goals. Financial goals. #cantstopwontstop

Say you want to save $3000 for a holiday. Tell me, how bad do you want it? How invested are you in that target? What would it mean for you to go on that holiday? How would you feel when you’ve achieved that goal and you’re on your way to Tahiti? Convince yourself just how badly you want it, tell the universe and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to bring it to fruition. Look at your expenses, what is one spending habit you can give up for the time of saving (or for good? See you later takeaway coffee + takeaway coffee cup, save for a holiday and the save the planet!) What do you have around the house that you could sell? Even if it’s only an extra $50 or $200, it’s all going to add up! Is there an untapped source of income that you could bring to life for the next couple of months to help boost your savings? The potential is limitless.

Mate, if there’s a will there’s a way – an old chestnut, but a bloody brilliant one.


At one point on that Sunday night, I broke down hysterically crying. Yep, red face, tears streaming down my face, snotty sniffles, the whole shabang. I was beside myself. I just needed someone to tell me that of course we were going to find Luna, dogs go for a walk around the neighbourhood all the time and come home safe and sound. I called Will, I knew he would calm me down and make me feel better, but there was no answer. I then called my friend Fi, who lives in Auckland. Fi is the epitome of the three c’s, very cool, calm and collected but again no answer. (I later found out that she was drinking celebratory champagne on her balcony haha probably for the best that she didn’t answer the phone to a blubbering mess.)

Anyway, in that moment all I had, was me. Bids. So I had to step up and calm my own farm. I had to give myself my own fucking pep talk. I was also aware that I needed to be putting out positive vibes, at that point I’d already started reflecting on how I’d conjured up this palava so I knew I needed to sort my thoughts, words and feelings out! STAT!

The pep talk went something like this, feel free to borrow it…
Bridget Natalie Paddon, right now you are learning what you need to know, you are exactly where you are meant to be. This moment is imperfectly perfect. Take a deep breath. The universe has your back girlfriend! So start believing it. Repeat after me, I am calm. I am supported. Everything that I desire is coming to me now. Luna is coming home safe and sound. Bids, dogs run away all the time, this is not the first time a dog has gone missing, you know the most likely situation is that someone is looking after that beautiful girl. No matter what the outcome, I promise, everything will be okay – because it always is.

No matter what you’re going through, there is always always something to learn. You get to choose whether you grow and learn from it, or you can choose to resist the lesson which will ultimately cause you pain. What are you growing through right now? I would love to know! Comment below!


Remember you can create and live a kick ass fulfilling live while you do, see and be everything that you desire! You have a choice!


Moon and back love,

xo Bids

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I spent last month travelling around New Zealand, catching up with new and old friends, meeting some of my amazing coaching clients and exploring places I hadn’t been to before, hello Mount Maunganui. I learnt a whole lot during that month away, so here I am sharing my new found knowledge with you, my #GDNZSQUAD! Somethings you might already know (especially if you’re part of the SnapFam) but hopefully you can take a piece of wisdom or two away from my four weeks of living out of a suitcase exploring beautiful Aotearoa and connecting with so many beautiful beings.


  1. Tahini is made out of sesame seeds, not Tahini (Haha Meags laughed at me about this, but hey I asked around and I wasn’t the only one who thought it was made from Tahini)
  2. It is possible to eat a meal without meat and feel fully satisfied, which may sound like pure ignorance to you if you never eat meat or animal anything, but growing up #farmtough I have a strong affiliation to the carnivore life so it was actually a really valuable experience staying with others who chose to eat mostly plant based. I’ve come home with quite the recipe repertoire.
  3. The ‘petite’ section at ASOS, TopShop etc. is not just for ultra skinny people, it’s actually for people below a certain height – hello ankle grazer jeans that actually graze my ankles. Hallelujah.
  4. That everyone has a different perception of the world and that’s okay, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t agree with you.
  5. That you can never have enough undies or socks. Like aksh.
  6. That there are people out there that you will connect with immediately, on a different level to most of your interactions that you have with others – make room for these peeps in your life. If you can pop a squat (when there is no toilet in sight, or who am I kidding maybe there is) within 10 minutes of meeting each other in real life we will be best friends. Guaranteed.
  7. That I can’t ski. (SnapFam witnessed this, real time, real talk, melt down 15 minutes in)
  8. To always be prepared for anything in any situation at any time, anywhere with anyone. Take a ziplock bag with you in case it rains to protect your valuables. Always carry a spare change of undies, always. Wear an extra hair tie or two around your wrist. Have snacks on standby, if boiled eggs aren’t accessible my second go to is a jar of nut butter, third option would be a couple of nuts (preferably salted). And lastly, have a ‘go to’ conversation starter or topic that you’re passionate about so you can always bring something to the table. And it’s totally okay if it’s food related, I feel ya.
  9. That not everyone likes to say ‘Good Morning’ at 6am when they are out for their morning burst of fresh air. Or smile, or make eye contact, or move to the left hand side or even acknowledge you exist. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE
  10. If you don’t use something regularly it will diminish. E.g. my fitness = rapid decline. Just as well my coaching clients supported (bullied) me into signing up for the Air NZ Queenstown Half Marathon in November. Paybacks a bitch.
  11. That everyone has their own pile of shit going on, and just because someone’s pile of shit is bigger than the person beside them’s pile of shit, doesn’t make either pile of shit more important than the other pile of shit, or more shittier. Does that make sense?

What was your favourite tip? Do you have one of your own that you would like to pass on? I’d love t hear them!! Leave me a comment below! Until next time…

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It is has been a couple of months since I have shared some of my favourites products and items that I have been loving recently!! Sorry Feb, you missed out. A mixture of rad and real goodies for the month of March!! Check them out!!

GDNZ Est. 2015 Singlet – GDNZ

Navy. White. GDNZ. See where I’m going with this!! I am lucky enough to be working on a few different singlets and long sleeve tops for a GDNZ clothing range. Anyone close to me knows that I LOVE NAVY!! If I can wear navy, be comfy and walk around being proud of pursuing my dreams and goals – I’ll be in that piece all day everyday, and I am!!

The Soul Searchers Handbook – Emma Mildon

I’ve mentioned this gorgeous book on the @goaldiggersnz Instagram a few times now!! Delving into all things mind, body and soul, I’m learning how to take self-care to a whole other level with the help of crystals, gemstones and aromatherapy. I am currently re-reading the FENG SHUI chapter which explores how to balance out the energy in our surroundings and how we impact the earth, use energy, and create spaces that serve our highest selves. One of my fav tips from Emma: Add basil oil and eucalyptus oil to coconut oil, and rub on sore + tight + inflamed muscles to reduce inflammation and help them heal naturally.

Wooden Bead Keychain – Heavens to Betsy

In love with my new keychains from Heavens to Betsy! Handcrafted and made in sunny Nelson. The colour scheme’s Jen has chosen are my absolute favourite! Simply stunning!! Easy to find + fit in the hand bag or pocket!! I only have one key so I’m thinking of attaching my other beautiful keychain to my favourite handbag. GIVEAWAY ALERT: Check out the post on the GDNZ FB page to see how to enter for you and two friends to win an item each of your choice from the Heavens to Betsy range!!


Hurraw!! Surely you’ve heard about this AMAZING stick of goodness for your lips!! I am currently the proud owner of Hurraw Vanilla, Hurraw Cinnamon, Hurraw Peppermint, Hurraw Sun Balm, Hurraw Pitta and the latest edition to the collection, Hurraw Moon Balm… because you can never have too many lip balms right? I still have times when I can’t find one!! Anyway… loving the Hurraw Moon Balm!! Blue chamomile + vanilla!! It is now part of my nightly routine.

Australis Velour Lips – Pa-ree

My good old Soul Sister, Victoria Nunns got me onto this gem! I’m a bit of a nudie lover, in fact you won’t find much else in my lip collection so this is my current fav. A velvety matte texture. Smells like bubblegum. Yes please!! I bought mine from Farmers.

Ecotan – Face Tan Water

I had seen SO many people trying this and it took me awhile to get around to trying it out myself. I’m lucky to have an olive+tan complexion so in the summer my skin goes quite dark, but my face never goes the same colour as that is the one place where I will always make sure I use sunscreen! Hello tan body, hello white face! And then in the colder months when the fake tan starts to come out – same deal, because I’m washing my face twice a day, once again, tan body, white face! I’m sure I’m not the only one. So far so good with this product. I feel like I have to use it a couple of days in a row to really notice any difference – I’m not too sure if this is the way the product works or because I already have a bit of colour. It is an anti-aging and anti-acne formula as well as ticking the organic, natural and cruelty free boxes!! I bought mine locally from Relax & Revive Beauty but you can also purchase online from Natural Things NZ.

Kameleonz – SoCal Solo Sunnies

Saving the best for last!! These sunnies are the business!! I do love a decent pair of black sunnies BUT do you know what I love even more? Kameleonz SoCal Solo Black Sunnies with interchangeable arms!! Yep! How cool!! Change it up depending on how you’re feeling, what you’re wearing or where you’re heading. Even though the days are getting cooler, I’m finding I’m needing my sunnies even more on my fresh and crisp morning walks! Get yourself a pair, you won’t be disappointed.

Get Stalking

@reviejane – My number one girl crush and go to fitspo since waaaay back!! This gorgeous lady is determined, hardworking and an absolute hustler. Owner of Crossfit Babes Miami (on the Gold Coast). She is the definition of a #girlboss and has just recently (as of a week ago) popped out a gorgeous wee daughter. Stalking Revie is currently at a whole new level – check her out on snapchat too!!

@healthyself_ – Two NZ beauties, Abbylee + Twyla, with an IG feed full of beautiful yogi, fitspo, food and adventure posts. Instantly vibing out with these two. The HealthySelf philosophy is based on eating abundant wholefoods, moving your body daily, including organic plant based foods in your daily diet, spending time in nature and deeply connecting with others. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

Tunes of the month

If you or your business have a product that you think I would love, get in touch and you could be part of GDNZ’s April Featured Favourites!!

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