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Be More of a Self Care Queen and transform your evening routine with Oh Natural

routine noun a sequence of actions regularly followed to live a kick-ass fulfilling life

Routines and rituals are always included as a goal when I’m working with my coaching clients. Routines are the strong foundation we all need to begin to prioritise our holistic health and live a fulfilling lifestyle. Without them you can end up feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and disempowered. I know that as soon as my routines go out the window, all the wheels start to fall off and I’m sending SOS’s out all over the place. Today I’m sharing my current evening routine full of self care goodness and Bid’s tips for a deep night’s sleep. Clearly, I’m human, and I don’t nail this every single night.



  1. I spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on the day. I look at my diary and my goals and acknowledge what I achieved, how it all went while taking note of anything that is unfinished. I then set intentions for the next day and get clear on what my day looks like. This leaves me feeling in control and calm.
  2. Tidy up time! I set my timer on my phone for 10-20 minutes (depending on the state of my house) and put everything back where it belongs. It’s amazing how much you can do in 10 minutes when you’re fully focussed on the task at hand. I find this makes for a fresh start in the morning. Nothing beats waking up to a tidy house reminding you of how much of a legend you are and that you are absolutely nailing life.



  1. I find showering before bed helps me have a better night’s sleep especially when I take the time to pamper my skin and appreciate what my physical body can do. I’ve made the transition to natural self care products, do you how know much cancer causing bullshit is in sitting in the bottles in your shower right now? Go have a look and google some of the words you don’t know. It is crazy what you’ll find. I’m currently using the Holistic Hair Pure Shampoo and Conditioner which are made in NZ and are 98% natural! My locks are loving it, and the environment. I’ve also used the Ethique Shampoo and Conditioner bars and highly recommend them also.
  2. I love to look after my skin ensuring it’s soft and hydrated. At least every second day I’ll do a full body, body scrub. I’m digging the be kind body co. Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub, 100% natural and made in Nelson. I’m not a coffee drinker but don’t mind soaking up the benefits of rubbing it all over my bod.
  3. Keeping up with the skin love, again at least every second day, I’ll spend some time showing my physical body some love by moisturising all over. Don’t have time? Mate, make the time. Your body does so much for you, give a little back hey. I’ve just started using the Ethique Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Butter Block. It smells absolutely divine and is best used straight out of the shower on damp skin. Leaves you feeling like a soft, supple and environmentally friendly goddess.


This is my favourite part of my evening routine. I’ve experienced many delicious products lately that have taken my at home face care pampering to the next level.

  1. The Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is one of two of my holy grail products. I have had issues with my skin for the past year after coming off the pill and this has been one of the first products I’ve noticed a considerable difference with. It’s vegan, sulfate and paraben free, full of argan stem cell + chlorella. Plant powered goodness.
  2. My second holy grail product is The Herb Farm Rosehip Oil. This stuff is liquid gold and makes me feel like a radiant queen. The Herb Farm is another amazing NZ brand and is an award winning sustainable business. Heart bursting!
  3. By now you should know crystals are a big deal to me, when I found out you could rub them on your face to stimulate your lymphatic system and detoxify the skin I was all over it. I use the Tailor Jade Face Roller after I’ve applied my rosehip oil to really work the oil into the skin as well as encourage detoxification and reduce puffiness. It also works great to release tension, goodbye headaches. Not to mention Jade is great for soothing the mind and releasing negative thoughts.
  4. I’ll put in extra effort once a week, maybe twice and slap on a face mask before my shower. Oh Natural stocks three face masks that I love and use interchangeably. The Tailor Polish is amazing for breakouts and congestion, as well as spot treatments the week before Aunty Flow arrives. Girl Undiscovered, Stumbled Across Face Mask is another delicious natural face treatment full of balinese coconut oil and NZ kanuka honey. BUT my absolute fave is The Herb Farm Revitalising Face Mask, a mixture of pink and white clay. It’s currently out of stock, but you can put your email address in to be notified when it’s back in stock. Will be totally worth it, trust me.



  1. Total phone ban in the bedroom. I charge my phone in another room and try to switch off from all technology by 9pm.
  2. I love to get into bed with a piping hot cup of herbal tea. Oh Natural stock Pukka and they have the biggest range of nourishing and soothing tea blends. I’ve been drinking the Relax one before bed over the last couple of weeks.
  3. I’m a big fan of essential oils and will sometimes put a few drops of lavender on my pillows if I’m feeling a bit agitated. Black Chicken do a nifty wee sniffer, like the Vicks ones, but full of delicious essential oils to mellow you out not just at bedtime but anytime you need it throughout the day. I’ve been sniffing Serenity, a mixture of pink grapefruit, basil, neroli, patchouli, lavender and mandarin. Mmmm mmmm.
  4. Once I’m in bed with my cup of tea I’ll write in my gratitude journal. I write three things I’m grateful for, three successes from my day and three things I love about myself. This is something I encourage all of my coaching clients to get into the habit of doing and you too! Give it a try for a week and see how you feel.

Start transforming your evening routine step by step and find out what works for you. We’ve got this self care kings and queens!

Love Bids


All products mentioned throughout can be purchased at OH NATURAL. The past couple of years I’ve awakened my consciousness when it comes to what products I’m using on my body and also how they’re impacting the world on an environmental and ethical scale. Jenna, the beauty who owns OH NATURAL, stocks only natural, organic and vegan products, supporting NZ businesses where she can. This is my absolute favourite store for all of my self care needs and have rustled up a discount code for you. Use GOALDIGGERSNZ for 10% off your entire order! 






January 14, 2018 Bridget 4 comments

Twenty Seventeen was a year full of transformation and growth, self doubt and learning to act without expectation.

I started the year broken. I started the year the lightest I had weighed in a very long time yet with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I started the year with concerned friends making suggestions to go and talk to someone about my state of mind and look into antidepressants. I started the year dependant on those around me. I started the year numb, lost and full of uncertainty.

As depressing as it began, with the support from those around me, digging deep within myself and practicing what I preach to my coaching clients, it didn’t take me long to get back in the driver’s seat and turn 2017 into a pretty fucking magical year.

Twenty Seventeen was a year full of firsts for me. First year full time coaching and working on GDNZ. First time putting my undivided trust in the universe while ticking off my first bungy jump and skydive. First time entering a half marathon which went hand and hand with the first time raising over $1000 for a charity. First time being well and truly stood up for a date. First time exploring the beautiful Bay of Plenty and Mount Maunganui. First time being close to dealing with a grief I can’t even begin to imagine as one of my parent’s had a lucky escape from the Grim Reaper himself. First time easing off the GDNZ reins a little bit by putting my trust in another human being to help out with my baby! Just to name a few!

I travelled the country, twice. I explored places, walking tracks, waterfalls and beaches that supplied naturegasm after naturegasm. I made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and strengthened friendships with best friends. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid, standing beside some of the people closest to me, not once, but twice (and number three in a couple of weeks!). I travelled to Fiji and embraced Fiji Life twice, creating memories to last a lifetime with my Soul Sis and her now husbo. I had the privilege of working with a countless amount of ambitious, passionate and soul driven coaching clients that filled my soul bucket to the brim, teaching me more than they’ll ever know. I discovered new levels of fulfilment, contentment and became obsessively grateful (Thank you Soph).

Although it wasn’t all happy days. You will be surprised to know that I came very fucking close to giving up on GDNZ. In that second half of 2017, self doubt went into overdrive and I was well and truly considering throwing that towel in and never looking back. I doubted my coaching skills, I doubted my business owning abilities, I doubted that GDNZ was worthwhile pursuing. I was overwhelmed and the temptation of going back to teaching, going back to someone else calling the shots, going back to a steady, guaranteed salary, going back to ‘normal’ hours with ‘normal’ days off, was very real. This lasted a couple of months where I felt extremely low, unfulfilled and lost yet again. But it’s so important to know that this is all part of the journey, not just mine, but yours too. It created a whole lot of opportunity for growth and transformation. I had to get honest with myself, reevaluate what I wanted, why I wanted it, how much I wanted it and if I have been doing everything in my power to get there?

A big lesson learnt in twenty seventeen was that of acting without expectation. Especially when it comes to other people. As easy as it is to make assumptions of how something is going to turn out, or how somebody is going to act, the only person you can control is yourself. And as long as you are living, breathing and experiencing life with integrity in a way that aligns to your own values then you’ve nailed it, and that’s all that matters! In 2017 I learnt to act without expectation. I learnt to do what’s right and true to me for the sake of doing it, not because of the outcome.

I finished the year whole. I finished the year strong, confident and on top of the world. I finished the year making outrageous memories with my friends that I call family. I finished the year independent, in the zone and the most empowered I’ve ever been. I finished the year feeling all the feels, full of gratitude, love and spine tingling happiness. I finished the year knowing exactly who I am, where I’m heading and what I want out of life!

Isn’t it incredible what can happen in 365 days? Thank you for the lessons Twenty Seventeen! I’m more than ready to dig in to 2018! Are you? Let’s grow!


Bridget is currently taking on a limited number of clients for both the One Off Goal Setting Coaching Sessions and the 2018 Goal Digger Coaching Package. Get in touch if 2018 is your year for transformation and growth. Get in touch if you’re looking for support with setting goals, living an empowered and fulfilling life doing the things you want to be doing as well as support and accountability that will have you committed like never before. Fill out the contact form here, send Bridget a message on FB or IG, or flick Bridget an email at




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If you have read part one of my blog series about coming off the pill you’ll know how much of a negative impact it can have on our holistic health. (If you haven’t read it, go check it out now before you continue with part two, click here) I’m sure you’re wondering, what happens when you take that leap to go cold turkey off the pill and when you stop swallowing these mini tablets of artificial hormones. I can’t speak for everyone, again this is all from my own experience. Let’s start by looking at common side effects that can pop up when you stop taking the contraceptive pill. Remember these changes and side effects that take place are all signs of your body getting back to it’s natural state.


Common side effects you may experience when you stop taking the pill. Remember most of them are short term while your body and hormones are getting back into their own flow:

  • Lack of, or abnormal and/or irregular periods
  • Breakouts, all the pimples
  • Weight gain or weight loss, hormone imbalances can mess with your metabolism ¹
  • Your hair might fall out²
  • Increase or decrease in your usual PMS symptoms
  • Quote “You might feel friskier” Unquote. The D might be on your mind more than you ever imagined.³
  • You may feel the twinge or cramping mid cycle signalling ovulation known as Mittelschmerz
  • Your headaches may start to disappear ⁵
  • And for anyone that needs it spelt out, you could get pregnant immediately if having unprotected sex. #obvs


A lot of the common side effects have negative connotations with them, but as I mentioned above, it is your way of your body getting back to basics and the long term effects will be reversing (hopefully) all the not so great things being on the pill can do to our poor bods I mentioned in Part One e.g. improved gut health, increased and stable mood, mucus regulation, improved liver function… and the list goes on.


Here is what I have experienced over the past year after I stopped taking the contraceptive pill:

  • A stable mood with less mood swings. Things just don’t make me irritable as much as they used too. Especially the week before my period when I was taking the pill, I would rage, for no reason (which it totally fine by the way). Now I rarely experience mood swings on those levels. I do still experience a very low mood a couple of days before my period, but apart from that I can honestly say that my mood has been the steadiest it has ever been throughout my cycle.
  • Ahh. I didn’t know how far down the list to put this one, but let’s rip the bandaid off. Acne. Pimples. White heads. Black heads. On my jaw line. On my neck. On my shoulders. On my back.  This is one side effect that I really struggle with as I’ve never had bad skin before #firstworldproblems. I’ll get into what I’ve been doing to support this in part three. My skin has improved a fraction recently and it all comes down to what is going on in the inside, hormones, gut health and nutrition. This is a very common side effect that puts a lot of people off from making that choice to stop taking the pill.
  • My periods were regular when I came off the pill, but the length of my cycle took awhile to sort itself out. My periods have never been horrific, but they actually became lighter and shorter when I stopped taking the pill. I use an awesome app called Clue where I track my cycle which I’ll share about more in part three. But it is more than normal for your period to go MIA for awhile (or an extended period of time) when you do come off the pill, so don’t stress.
  • Changes in weight. This is one I hadn’t thought about until one of my lovely followers, Wendy, asked me if I had noticed any changes. I’m pretty positive there has been no direct correlation from coming off the pill to changes in my weight. But in saying that, weight is not something I focus on, perhaps if it was more on my radar I may have noticed some kind of difference. Now that we mention it, I do weigh a good 5kg heavier than when I was taking the pill – but this could be due to a number of environmental factors. I’m happy and healthy therefore I’m not to concerned with this one. It is important to note that hormones do play a huge role when it comes to fat loss. Dr Libby is an expert on this.
  • I have become more in tune with my body. Yep the more time you take to get to know your body and it’s signals, the more aware you become of where you are at in your cycle, how it can impact your holistic health and the best times of the month to take it easy or take advantage of endless energy (and of course the best time of the month to try make babies). Our bodies are mind blowing when you take the time to understand exactly what they do every single day. Something to be grateful for today, your bod.

All side effects aside, I would never go back on the contraceptive pill personally! Coming off it, the positives 100% outweigh the negatives, which really is only the ongoing pimples. But they’re slowly getting better with the help of a balanced diet and hormonal support. Part Three will be showcasing products and supplements I’ve used to help with these changes! Do you have any questions? Please leave a comment below!


October 25, 2017 Bridget 1 comment

Last night I was told politely to stop being so humble and to get out of my own way.  By the one and only, spiritual realist, Emma Mildon. Thanks Em 😉 . But fuck she couldn’t have spoke more to my soul if she had tried. You might be the same as me and the fact that it is possible to be ‘too’ humble may not even be on your radar – but it is, it’s a thing!! Articles about eating too much humble pie here, here and here

I call bullshit. On you. And on myself.

For the last couple of months I’ve been holding myself back more than I ever have in my 27 years. More than I did at the beginning of my GDNZ journey. I have been holding myself back from sending emails to brands that I want to work with. Holding myself back from self-promotion. Holding myself back from dreaming big (when that is what I’m asking of my clients, hypocrite or human? 🤔). Holding myself back from posting more creative content that leaves me vulnerable e.g. videos of my face, workout posts, selfies, videos in general, me being me etc etc. Holding myself back from genuine connections. Holding myself back from asking for help, support and guidance. Holding myself back from celebrating. Ultimately holding myself and Goal Diggers NZ back from a shit load of growth.

This self-sabotage bullshit has got to stop.

What amazing experience, opportunity or growth are you getting in the way of right now? What bullshit have you been bringing to the table that has got to stop?

Be honest!!

Now tell me, what are you going to do about it? Here’s my game plan.


▪️Email every brand, business, person and PR company that has been sitting on my list for way too fucking long AND while I’m here, if you’re one of the above and want to work with me, get in touch here and let’s create some magic

▪️Create video content and promote the shit out of the last intake for 2017 of The Goal Digger Coaching Package 

▪️Start actioning my dream big goals, including the much anticipated relaunch of GDNZ Clothing, a new monthly group coaching package for 2018, one off coaching sessions and a 2018 Goals & Gratitude diary (I may need to calm the farm on this one as 2018 is 9.2 weeks away and counting EDIT: Toni has called me out on my bullshit right here, I was waiting for someone to, so let’s make it happen!)

▪️Grow a vagina (EDIT: I originally had grow some nuts here, but vagina’s are stronger than testicles technically, thanks Angela and Betty White) and create some videos to share on my social platforms. And have my pro photographer, my Gal Pal Mel, take some photos of me in my workout kit and start posting some fitness based content, because so many of you ask me on snapchat (👻goaldiggersnz) about my workouts – and the food I fuel my bod with

▪️Reach out to the babes I stalk daily to see how we can connect, collaborate and create together

▪️Actually ask my friends and family for support instead of trying to send them telepathic messages. The first thing I’ll be asking them to support me with is my fundraiser for Kids Can NZ and this hellish Half Marathon and the training that goes with it. So friends and fam if you’re reading this get donating! You can donate here too, go on, every $1 counts and is appreciated. Please and thank you. DONATE TO KIDSCAN AND SUPPORT BIDS RUNNING HER FIRST MARATHON

▪️Come up with one hell of a celebration to mark GDNZ kicking around for 2 years as well as a BIG ASS launch for the new website – I did not give that enough love when I somewhat launched it while I was in Fiji! Keep your eyes peeled for some celebrations #GDNZSQUAD!

Now that’s a plan and a half! I must highlight that this won’t be happening all at once. Because that would just be fucking silly! After crafting my plan I can honestly say I am feeling more inspired, I’m feeling like I’m actually showing up and I’m feeling full of purpose again. I’m going to copy my plan over into my Goal Digger Coaching templates and whole heartedly dig in. Just watch me.

Your turn. What are you going to do about it?

If you need help with crafting a plan for getting the fuck out of your own way – I still have spaces available for the last intake of The Goal Digger Coaching Package. Get in touch here, let’s dig in together.



March 6, 2017 Bridget 1 comment

If multi-tasking was a professional sport or skill at the Olympics, I’d be there. I’d fucking win. And while I’m standing up there on the podium proud as punch receiving my glorious gold medal, I’ll be making efficient use of my time by networking with my fellow medal receivers #goaldiggers, directing someone with very precise instructions to take a photo of me for the gram (all my friends and family know just how precise we’re talking about here), all the while singing the national anthem (in tune, of course) and thinking up the next thing I have to tick of my ‘to do’ list. I currently have 21 tabs open in this window of Google Chrome (plus I have another google chrome window open too, let’s not even go there), I’ve replied to 5 different emails, snapchats, FB messages, iMessages in the space of 4 minutes while writing this introduction, I’m sipping away on three different beverages because who would just settle for one and while I’m writing this I’m using my virtual calendar (the one in my head) to think of the best time to book in two Goal Digger Introduction Coaching Sessions with two new potential clients.

Am I a Goal Digger? No! I’m fucking crazy. Am I a Multi-tasking Queen? Yes! But I’m still fucking crazy.

Here’s why. Now let’s bring some structure back into my life by breaking down why my multi-tasking is in fact fucking mental, resulting in me feeling stressed out, unproductive, overwhelmed and all over the bloody show, into two factual chunks of reasoning. See, structure. Calm down. Relax. Let’s look at one thing at a time.

A) Nothing is getting done. Okay no, I’m lying. I’ve nailed multi-tasking so that shit does get done. But it’s not getting done with my full attention, my full potential or my full determination. I really am struggling right now to ignore every notification that is popping up and every idea that is bouncing around in my brain. Full focus is on this blog post. Right here, right now (If you sung that in your head with the tune of old mate Fat Boy Slim, I like you, I like you a lot). Let’s go.

B) Nothing is getting my full attention. You know the Be More Present message I send out to you all, yeah nah, currently a no-go. Sorry!! #fraud. The only time that anything gets my full attention at the moment is when I am coaching a client. I switch my data off on my phone. I turn off all notifications on my laptop. I clear my desk (I keep the beverages though). I close down unneeded tabs. My focus and my energy is 100% on them. And you know what? It is amazing, productive, fulfilling and motivating. So how do we put that much dedication into everything we do?

Here are 5 strategies that I am going to implement as of right now to rid myself of my multi-tasking crown (although there is always a time and place, right?)

1. Close your fucking tabs

This one is going to challenge my integrity, it gave me heart palpitations and sweaty palms just thinking about it. Ok guys, only keep three tabs open in your internet browser at one time. THREE TABS AND THREE TABS ONLY! Three tabs should be heaps! Three tabs is heaps!! (Currently going to close 18 tabs BRB) Holy shit, that actually feels better already!! Now I can focus on the task at hand without worrying about when I’ll put my order through for 100% Organic Bamboo G-Strings from Australia #priorities.

2. Allocate yourself time

Time and I have a love hate relationship because to me time is just an illusion. I mean who invented time? What is time? Are we in the present? Does the present exist? Or is there only the past and the future? (Another blog post entirely, see, fuck it, I’m multi-tasking again!!) Okay but if we are going to go all mainstream and define time as the days, weeks, months in a year and the seconds, minutes, hours in a day then yes we can allocate time. So for each ‘task’ you have to get done today, allocate yourself time. Once that time is up, move on to the next ‘task’ and allocate yourself more time tomorrow for anything unfinished. E.g. Write blog post 60 minutes (could probably take 42 minutes if I stopped multi-tasking), strength training circuit 45 minutes (break it down, I know the workout itself takes 30 minutes, 7.5 minutes each side to get organised, pack up etc.), emails 30 minutes in the morning (seriously I need to do this as of tomorrow, emails are multi-tasking enemy number one). But make sure you allocate time for stalking, dance parties and eating Whittakers Dark Almond Chocolate too, all that fun stuff.

3.  Sign out of Facebook

Oh my god, please don’t reprimand me, but holy shit somebody had to say it. Facebook is like a sneaky multi-tasking minx that wants you to fail at life. What a shit head!!! Turn off your notifications, better yet log out off the app or the website if you’re on your laptop. I am repeating myself over here but give yourself an allocated time that you go on to Facey and check out what the ex is up to (no don’t, don’t do that), see what your annoying acquaintance from school is moaning about this week (just unfriend them, go on I know you want to) or see what epic events you’ve been invited to (or haven’t been invited to haha).  If you are like next level wanting to get your shit together then you could make the huge call and delete the app off your phone. Big fucking call though.  That is like nek level anti-multi-tasking terrorist group stuff. You have my full support and admiration, let the force be with you.

4. #priorities and focus

Write down everything you think you have to do at the start of the day, but choose three MUST DO’s that take top priority over the other things. The other things aren’t quite as important and the world won’t end if they don’t get done until tomorrow (or the next day, week, month, year ….)  Must do’s could involve paying the power bill, creating a meal plan for the week ahead, giving your baby a bath, sending through your job application, anything that has repercussions if it is not completed ASAP (think no power, toast for dinner, stinky baby and no job). Other things, the non must do’s, may include ordering 100% Organic Bamboo G-Strings from Australia, painting your toenails or folding the washing (you don’t actually need to make this a #1 priority, the world still spins while your washing sits in the washing basket, it’s not going anywhere!). Oh and don’t forget to focus, ignore anything else, it’s not the priority at this point in time, unless someone needs an ambulance, like that time my sister gave birth to my niece down the hallway and my Mum had to deliver the baby with step by step instructions from the ambulance officer, I’ll make an allowance for something like that. Do the must do’s and you’ll be feeling accomplished, fulfilled and productive in no time.

5. Love thyself

At the end of the day, we’re all pretty fucking incredible. Yes, even you! ALL OF US!! Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning is an achievement in itself. I still have those days (you better believe it Snapfam!) and that was my life for weeks circa December 2016 (shout out to my friends who motivated me to get out of bed and shower before returning to bed again #goals). So be kind to yourself. Like really, truly. Reflect daily on all the amazing things you do for the people around you, for yourself, for your friends, for your family. It might not be winning a gold medal at the Olympics, saving $10,000 or running a half marathon in under 60 minutes but we all make small achievements daily. You might not think you’re smashing it but my gorgeous #GDNZSQUAD you are. You totally are! We all need to work on being more present, focussing on the task at hand and letting go of ‘need to do’s’ because life’s too short to put the luxing before hanging out with friends or getting a massage. Love yourself and the rest will flow. I’ve got your back! Less multi-tasking, more living an authentic purpose-filled life! Oh and Whittakers Dark Almond Chocolate #notsponsored #thankssimon.

Bonus tip (this is one I usually only share with my coaching clients, lucky much?)

If you use google docs (if you don’t you need to start) open up a tab, I’ll allow a fourth tab for this, think yourself incredibly lucky, and create a new blank doc called Brain Farts. Whenever your brain thinks of something off ‘task’ flick over to that, write it in, then refocus on what you’re meant to be doing, like writing a blog post that I can tell you did definitely not only take 60 minutes to write. If you’re not technology based (no judgement) then use anything that will work for you, whiteboard, piece of A4 paper straight out of the printer, a tissue, toilet paper, just whatever is accessible at the time of the brain fart.


February 15, 2017 Bridget No comments exist

Activewear addict? Me too! Wondering where Summer is? Me too!! Well Stirling Sports has us covered from head to toe while the weather decides what season it’s in!! They’ve got our backs! Thanks Stirling Sports!!

This month I reached out to Stirling Sports to collaborate together to showcase some pieces from their new ranges and their must haves for training this summer! But let’s be honest, we all live in activewear 90% of our time (I actually slept in mine last night, haha don’t ask..) so you will find me repping these pieces not only during a sweat sesh but also on active adventures with the besties, eggs bene brunch dates, netflixing at home or doing a bit of life admin in the city.

I really loved the simplicity of the Nike Pro Classic Logo Read Bra and of course the comfort! My Nike Pro Crops are the sports bra’s that I always reach for first and love how Nike now have the option of padding for anyone like me in the #ltc. I’m loving the back of the crop with the straps crossing over, something a wee bit different from the standard racer back style.

The Adidas Boxy MŽlange Tank Top is easily my favourite piece from the gear Stirling Sports sent me! I’m a big adidas fan! This is really a simple tank in a stunning white grey colour! I could easily wear this training or pair it with jeans to take it to the next level! Super comfy, long enough to cover the booty and just looks effortlessly killer!

I stopped wearing anything but full length tights for awhile for no reason in particular but the style, shape and support of the Lorna Jane Nicilia 7/8 Tight has me changing my mind! They are super supportive, mould to your shape and keep everything pulled in nice and tight! The mesh paneling behind the knee pits (this is the name I’ve given behind the knee, is it just me? **Update, scientific name is popliteal fossa, you’re welcome!!) is a favourite feature, keeping me ventilated while I worked up a sweat running up and down the steps trying to get the perfect shot, not to mention the mesh is aesthetically pleasing to the eyeballs.

At first I wasn’t sure about the Nike Sportswear Advance 15 Cape because it is not something that I would usually wear let alone own. But now that I’ve worn it a couple of times, I’m finding it hard to take it off. It is an amazing alternative to the hoodies I have found myself frequently chucking on over the last couple of months, it is more structured and some may say ‘classy’! A must have for the ever changing wintery summer that Aotearoa has going on!

See More from Stirling Sports

September 19, 2016 Bridget 3 comments

These babies are my absolute go to when those manic cravings start in kick in. These muffins are gluten free, refined sugar free and can be dairy free (depending on what chocolate you use)! They’re a safe way for me to have something sweet without physically feeling ill afterwards, without going next level crazy or having to deal with a pounding sugar headache. Sugar does bad things to me because sugar is bad!

They’re also awesome as a pre-workout snack with both carbs and fat to fuel a sweat sesh before breakfast or in between meals.

I leave a couple of fresh muffins aside for the next couple of days after baking and freeze the rest. When I’m out of the office for the day I take one out of the freezer, put it in my lunch box in the morning, and it’s good to go by lunch time. My favourite way to eat them though is heating one up in a mug in the microwave adding one or two extra squares of dark chocolate which melts down into gooey chocolate goodness. Then I add a couple of tablespoons of natural yoghurt on top, The Collective NZ is the best!


Bridget’s Banana Coconut Dark Choc Muffins

Dry Ingredients

1 + 1/4 cup almond meal (ground almonds)

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1.5 tsp baking soda

.5 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 block of Whittakers Dark Ghana Chocolate (or your preference), cut up into inconsistent chunks, I like big chunks!

Wet Ingredients

2 eggs

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp vanilla extract

2-3 over-ripened brown bananas (2 big bananas or 3 small-medium sized bananas)

3 tbsp coconut oil


  • Mix together dry ingredients in a large bowl. You can use a sieve if you want to, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.
  • In a separate bowl, mash bananas, add eggs and vanilla. Mix together.
  • In a microwave jug, add coconut oil and honey. Put on medium in microwave for 1-2 minutes to melt oil and honey.
  • Combine oil and honey with other wet ingredients. Mix.
  • Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients bowl. Combine.
  • Use your own judgement, if the mixture is too dry add more oil, if the mixture is too wet add more almond meal. The consistency should be moist (yeah I went there) but not too wet.
  • Grease muffin trays with melted coconut oil on a paper towel.
  • Add mixture evenly into muffin tray.
  • Bake on 180 degrees celsius for 20-25 minutes.
  • Don’t be alarmed if your muffins look burnt, they won’t be. The almond meal and coconut flour go a dark brown colour when cooked. If you’re nervous about burning your gorgeous muffins then keep checking on them from 15 minutes onwards.
  • Check the middle of the muffins with a skewer at about 20 minutes, when it comes out clear with no mixture they are cooked or use your own judgement. Sometime’s I like to under cook them a wee bit, knowing I will be heating them up from frozen essentially adding to the cooking time a tiny bit.
  • Enjoy!!

Feel free to get creative and change it up! You can pretty much add anything into these muffins, my last batch I added in some of my THE GOAL DIGGER muesli from The Muesli Hub to add a bit of texture. Go nuts!

If you give them a crack I’d love to know what you think. I’ve only had a couple of taste testers, one being my partner, Dylan who doesn’t appreciate anything that lacks refined sugar, so the feedback there wasn’t great haha! Tag me in your creations or send me a message! If it’s a hit, I’ll think about adding some more recipes I use day to day to the blog.


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July 6, 2016 Bridget 12 comments


Well actually… this post is more about me and where I’ve been lately… since I’ve been gone. Have you noticed? As cliche as it is, it has a big fat break up sticker plastered all over it  – just probably not the break up you’re envisaging, because it’s a break up for one.

I would love to be able to share with all you gorgeous people that my lack of posting and presence has been because I’ve been off doing more, seeing more and being more. Living the Goal Diggers NZ mantra, running the world and living in complete balance and bliss. Unfortunately my motivated, soul searching babes and dudes, sadly it has been the polar opposite. My lack of presence has not just been in the social media world but also the real world. I haven’t felt like myself in months and there is no guessing, I know exactly why. I’ll let you in on a little secret…

For the past three months I have  returned back to full-time teaching.  A maternity position that I agreed to at the end of last year – before GDNZ was buzzing, before I fully believed in myself, before I knew I could support myself through coaching. In the beginning I was pumped – the class itself was awesome, I had taught the majority of the children a couple of years before. I knew them, they knew me. It was going to be a breeze.

Two weeks in and I could feel every inch of my body fighting it – nothing was aligning, I was feeling depleted, I was struggling to find time for Goal Diggers NZ my passion project, my happy place. I was feeling like a fraud! Promoting this message of live your life the way you want to live it, dream big, hustle hard – the only thing I was hustling was money and a whole lot of sickness. Finishing this term with a new world record of sick days with a total of: 7.5. I’ve been sick three times this term, three f’n times!! Currently recovering from tonsillitis. If that’s not a sign from my soul for me to sort my shit out then I don’t know what is. However ladies and gents I must stress that I have loved the teaching itself, I’ve had an incredible term with an incredible bunch of students and amazing, supportive and generous colleagues. Unfortunately when you’re doing something that just doesn’t fill your heart with sunshine, glitter and happiness your soul suffers resulting in a number of symptoms including feeling fatigued, uninspired and unfulfilled.

BUT I knew it was only short-term. There was always going to be an end. A break-up. The long awaited break up is finally oh so close, I can smell it. It smells like a whole lot of inspiration, motivation and hustle.

So here I am, wiser, stronger, more driven, determined, feeling fresh and SO BLOODY EXCITED to have time for GDNZ again. My heart is extremely happy!! I’m back to not being able to sleep from all the excitement, my brain currently has no off switch and it’s producing GDNZ ideas like Niagara Falls. FOR YOU this means, fresh new content, a whole week of GDNZ 1st birthday celebrations, a strong social media presence with a focus on interacting with you all over on snapchat (see you there @goaldiggersnz), free coaching resources, new and improved coaching packages, a chance to buy GDNZ Clothing that you may have seen over on insta AND saving the best for last – a whole week’s worth of Featured Goal Diggers GDNZ EDITION! Yep, I’m going to be sharing with you 5 of my ever inspiring babes that I’ve been coaching! They’ll be sharing their goals they’ve set with me, their achievements and all their tips for living a kick-ass fulfilling life!!

My message to you! Life is way to short to be feeling uninspired, unfulfilled and damn straight unhappy. Mine had an end date. Make sure yours does too!! Break up with your job if it’s something you dread. Break up with your unhealthy habits if they’re weighing you down. Break up with your friend if they don’t have your back. Break up with anything that has little or no benefit to the quality of your life.

It’s your life, your choices – choose fulfilment, choose happiness, choose passion.

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May 9, 2016 Bridget 1 comment

Acknowledge you’ve lost the plot

Hi, I’m Bridget and a couple of weeks ago I was stuck in a big fat stressful and passion suffocating rut. This is the first and most important step to sorting your shit out. Acknowledging that you’re just not nailing it, acknowledging that you’re stressed, acknowledging that you are not bringing your A game to your day to day life and understanding that it won’t be this way forever. But it is the current situation … and that’s okay.

Become friends with your rut

Take a day or two, or hey take three if you really want to, to feel like shit, to feel like a failure, to mope, to Netflix, to wear no pants, to do what you gotta do. Take this time to nut out your rut by talking it through with a couple of close friends. Have a vent. Have a wine. Have a meltdown. Have a block of chocolate. More whine (see what I did there!).

Reflective Detective

Alright, alright, you’ve had your time to be a temporary loser – shits getting real now, I know you’re better than this, you know you’re better than this! YOU ARE A GOAL DIGGER! Next step, reflect. reflect. reflect. How did you end up in this defeated state? What or who is stressing you the F out?

  • Your job you don’t care about?
  • Your partner who is constantly grinding your gears and refuses to see anything from your point of view?
  • The bills you have to work work work everyday to pay?
  • That certain family member who cannot see the positive in anything and you just want to shake them?
  • Failing friendships?
  • The fact that you 100% believe that you are a true super hero and  have overcommitted  your time and energy to others before putting yourself first?
  • That empty feeling that you’re life is not cutting the mustard, you’re not fulfilled, like, ever!

What is it that you need to change? Is there something you can stop doing? Or is there something new  you can start doing? 

Plan the day away

It’s time to step it up and start sorting out your shit. Make a plan Stan. Start with planning how you want your day to look. A few simple and mindful routines will make a massive difference and leave you with a sense of success. Babe you got out of bed this morning the first time the alarm went off, SMASHING IT!  You came home after work, took the time to put yourself first and zenned out in downward dog, KAPAI! You wrote in your gratitude journal for 5 nights in a row, absolutely nailing it you superstar!  A routine will keep you sane, motivated and feeling in control!!

You also need to make sure you include your well-thought out and neatly written detective notes in your plan of attack. Make a plan to avoid the same thing happening again. Get organised. Open up. Find some structure. Be proactive.

What are 3 small routines or rituals you can include in your day to help you feel successful, grounded and motivated? How can you manage or cut-out the factors that you acknowledged were the cause of your meltdown? Cos we ain’t got time for that!! 

Just do it

You’ve made your plan, it is up to you to climb outta the hole and start nailing it again!! No one else can help!! It’s all you babe!! You’ve got this!!

Need some extra help, guidance and accountability? Get in touch about Goal Diggers NZ’s current coaching packages….


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April 4, 2016 Bridget 2 comments

Break up with your goals Goal Digger!! Yes, you read that correctly.

Break. Up. With. Your. Goals.

No no no, not for good!! Just for a little while.

Goals are good. Goals are GREAT! But goals can also be overwhelming as f*ck. Especially if you have a few (I am currently working towards smashing 10 and that’s just my GDNZ goals… help!)  and especially if you are extremely passionate about them. Because if you’re in the same boat as me you will very well know that these precious and inspiring goals can begin to take over your life, which can turn your dreams and aspirations into an added stress instead of rainbows and lollipops.

So here’s where the break up comes in. I want you to break up with your goals. We’re talking COLD TURKEY. It is going to be tough. BUT it is also going to be one of the most liberating and rewarding break ups you have ever been through. Why? Because when we start seeing our goals as a chore we stop the flow of motivation, creativity, positivity and passion. We get angry at our goals and our goals get angry at us. A holiday from your goals may be just what you need, to recharge your brain, your inspiration and your determination. Feel like a break up is on the cards? Check out the options below to increase productivity and effectiveness, relight your spark, passion and motivation, and challenge your perspective.

Lets get your hustle back and start goal digging!!

Option 1. 

Schedule in time throughout your working week where you do something for yourself that has nothing to do with your goals. This can be tricky, especially if you set goals for EVERYTHING (like me)! For me it is spending time and catching up with family and friends, having a laugh and embracing any silliness!!

Option 2.

Have the weekend for you. Have the weekend for your friends. Have the weekend for your partner. Have the weekend for your family. Have the weekend to Do More, See More and Be More. Depending on your goals and your circumstances it can be hard to go cold turkey in the weekends. One of my GDNZ goals is based around social media. I still post during the weekend, however I like to have these posts somewhat predetermined so it doesn’t take any longer than 15 minutes and then, voila, I’m done!! Back to being present and being broken up from my goals for the weekend (no drunk 2am texts, thanks goals).

Option 3.

Take a holiday and leave your goals behind. This is absolutely the most effective break up. Before I headed into Milford Sound over Easter weekend, I was totally overwhelmed by everything I was working towards professionally and personally. It was having a huge impact on my mood and mindset. It was like I had PMS… on steroids. Cue adventure to a paradise that is completely disconnected from the outside world, no service, no wifi, no iPhone. In its place unreal company, nature, meaningful conversations, being present and feeling grounded. A three day break from my goals was absolute bliss. The day after returning back to the real world I had a fresh new perspective on my goals and made some much needed changes. I was reenergised, excited, motivated, passionate and ready to kick my goals butt. (Which I have been doing over the past fortnight, might I add #goaldigger).

The most important part of breaking up with your goals is knowing that you will be getting back together with them eventually. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I say absence (of your goals) makes you want to hustle your f’n butt off.

Are your goals stressing you out? Planning on breaking up with your goals? You’ve already taken a break and reaped the benefits? Comment below, I’d love to know!!!