The Goal Digger Coaching Package is the matriarch of all coaching packages. You will receive 10 weeks of intensive 1:1 private VIP coaching calls with Bridget combined with limitless accountability, support and community vibes.

Do you…

  • Have goals and vision of exactly where you want to be in all aspects of your life but have no idea where to start?
  • Have no goals or vision whatsoever of where you want to be in all aspects of your life, no idea where to start but would love to create a kick-ass fulfilling vision and start bringing it to life?
  • Have a gigantic, in your face, shit your pants goal but are held back by limiting beliefs and self doubt?
  • Want to make changes to your life as soon as possible, you’ve just bloody had enough of not living as the best version of yourself?

Are you…

  • Sick and tired of settling for a mediocre life and want to awaken to your full potential and start living a kick-ass fulfilling life, right now!?
  • Frustrated with your current goals, always falling off the bandwagon and know that you would thrive with accountability and support from a compelling, supportive and no nonsense coach?
  • Full of anxiety when Sunday rolls around knowing that you have to show up to a workplace tomorrow that deflates you day after day? Maybe the alarm clock going off in the morning gives you the same feeling?
  • Reflecting on your life and realising that where you are right now is not where you want to be?

Keep scrolling to check out the GDNZ Manifesto to make sure you are Bridget’s ideal client. Bridget only works with clients who are ready to show up with authenticity, integrity and conviction. 



  • ⁃One Goal Digger Introduction Session 20 minutes – Complimentary
  • ⁃One Let’s Grow Goal Digger Coaching Session up to 120 minutes 
  • ⁃Three Dig In Goal Digger Coaching Sessions 60 minutes
  • ⁃One Goal Digger Reflection Coaching Session 60 minutes
  • ⁃One Goal Digger Showcase Session 30 minutes


  • Craft your 2019 vision and Let’s Grow goal

  • Craft up to 8 growth goals focussing on the areas in life you want to create radical change

  • Craft a number of fulfilment goals based on the #GDNZLIFESTYLE of doing more, seeing more and being more

  • Craft a practical action plan for each goal

  • Become aware of your limiting past routines, habits and beliefs and set intentions to create new ones for 2018


  • Regular online accountability check ins with Bridget
  • Unlimited e-mail and voice message support 
  • A kick-ass accountability buddy that has been through the Goal Digger journey previously


Bridget works with people who are already motivated to do more, see more and be more. Bridget works with people who are empowered to step up, level up, own up and who are fully committed to awakening to their full potential. Bridget works with people who extinguish their own excuses and are fully focused on obliterating their goals, one after the other. Bridget works with people who take action, people who get in touch with her first, people who have integrity, people who do what they say they’re going to do and do it with conviction. Bridget works with people who want to create their own change. Bridget works with people who don’t want to spend one more second wasting their skills, strengths and passions. They want to make changes to their life and the lifestyle they’re currently living to do something full of purpose, see more growth within themselves and be more fulfilled.


“At 27 years old, I never thought I would need someone to help me live my life. I always thought that I would be “more ahead” “more in control” and “more sorted”. I definitely needed a reality check because Bridget taught me that in fact I am living my best life, I just needed to start embracing it and learn the importance of solid foundations. Bridget empowered me to get clear on what my best life looks like for me and supported me to create fulfilling goals and action plans to make that happen. I always come away from a coaching call feeling inspired and motivated. Bridget talks to me without judgement (no matter what I come to her with) and is ALWAYS on my side, holding me accountable and empowering me to reach my potential and make choices that we both can be proud of. I’ve just finished The Goal Digger Coaching Package and have signed up to monthly 1:1 VIP coaching calls with Bridget, to keep me on track with living my best life. This has seriously changed my life and I am forever grateful for Bridget.”


Caitlin Marett – Empowered Goal Digger & Radio Producer at ZM

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Bridget consciously limits how many VIP The Goal Digger Coaching Package coaching clients she takes on at one time. This is to ensure that she is as present as possible with each and every one of her clients and is able to put 100% of her energy and focus into their individual goals, needs and their own unique Goal Digging experience. Book in your complimentary Goal Digger Introduction Session here now to level up and prove you’re committed or fill in the form at the bottom of the page. On a rare occasion there will be a space available otherwise you’ll be added straight to the GDNZ wait list!


You are your most valuable asset! When was the last time you invested in yourself? You are in control of your life and you get to choose what you invest your money in. The first place you need to start investing in, is in yourself! You’ve just got to take that leap!


The Goal Digger Coaching Package $1999 

Enquire for face to face coaching, group coaching and travel rates

A variety of payment options available including weekly and fortnightly payments


In this short introductory session you and your coach will begin to get to know one another. Bridget will find out a bit about your background, who you are, what you love to do, what’s going on in your life right now, what you want to focus your goals around and what expectations you have from completing the The Goal Digger Coaching Package. It is your time to ask any questions that you need answered before moving ahead with your first session. This session is free and there are absolutely no obligations to sign up following this session. Fill out the form to schedule your Goal Digger Introduction Session with Bridget.


Let’s Grow Goal Digger Coaching Session

This session is where the magic happens! We come up with your ideal vision for your life and all of the important areas within it. We look at where you’re currently at, where you want to be and get clear on exactly what it is you need to do to bridge that gap. This session will awaken you to your full potential and have you thinking deeper than ever before. If there were no obstacles or barriers what would you do? Where would you be? This session is where we identify just that and create your Let’s Grow Goal. Your Let’s Grow Goal is then broken down into smaller, more realistic and achievable goals, known to you as your Dig In Goals. Together we create a structured, clear and motivational action plan for each Dig In Goal that includes a certain number of steps you will need to complete before our next session.  After this session you will be buzzing with passion, purpose, excitement and determination. At the end of the Let’s Grow Goal Digger Coaching Session you will have your very own Let’s Grow Goal, your Dig In Goals and customised action plan and steps to take for each. Hello Goal Digger!!

Dig In Goal Digger Coaching Session

Your Dig In Goal Digger Coaching Sessions make up the backbone of The Goal Digger Coaching Package. Goal Digger Coaching Session’s start with celebrating your achievements from the previous session, reflecting on what you nailed and why you kicked ass. We then move onto improvements that can be made, looking at blocks and obstacles and how you can make changes to create radical growth and momentum before the next session. Each Goal Digger Coaching Session we check back in with your Let’s Grow Goal, add to your action plans and set a clear list of steps to take before the next session.

Goal Digger Reflection Coaching Session

In this session we wrap up The Goal Digger Coaching Package by reflecting on all of the personal growth, goal digging and incredible achievements you have made over the past 10 weeks. We look at the goals you set out to achieve, we look at positive lifestyle changes you have made as a result of working on your goals and we develop a plan for you to self-coach and carry on smashing your goals on your own. It’s all you! 

Goal Digger Showcase Session

This coaching session will take place four weeks after completing the Goal Digger Reflection Session. This is a 30 minute session that allows your coach to check in with you to see how you are progressing with your goals on your own. Together you will celebrate what you have achieved over the past month and you will be offered any guidance or advice for you to continue with kicking ass on your Goal Digger journey. 

Unlimited Email Support

If you’ve just smashed a goal and want to tell Bridget all about it before your next session, you feel like you’re not on track and want to voice your concerns, if have any curious questions, or anything else to share, unlimited email support is exclusive to Bridget’s The Goal Digger Coaching Package clients. 


You’ll be sent through a link to book your 20 minute Goal Digger Introduction Session as well as a document full of Goal Digging questions and exercises so you’re ready to jump straight into the call with Bridget.