Leah Blomfield Business Owner of Wellness Within, Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Advocate.

I signed up with Bridget 3 months ago because I had all of these fantastic ideas of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be but I had absolutely no idea how to put all these ideas into action or where to start. My goals were to start my own business, create my own online website and create the frame work for my ultimate goal of being a full time Health Coach working out of my own studio. I achieved so much more than I expected working with Bridget within 3 months, not only did she help me set achievable goals and offer endless support but she also went above and beyond helping me with all the little extras that happen behind the scenes like offering advice, resources and making me apart of an online community, that is full of like minded ladies all chasing their dreams! I’m so proud of the goal I achieved within such a small timeframe and I’ve finished feeling excited and motivated to keep hustling towards my ultimate goal!!

Laura King NZone Sky Diving Queenstown and Hollywood Makeup Artist

I came across Bridget and Goal Diggers NZ last November when I was feeling lost, full of self-doubt and stuck in general. The details about the 12 Week Goal Digger Coaching Package kept popping up in my Facebook newsfeed, I was really interested and after talking about it with my partner we decided it was something that I needed to do to help with my confidence and kick start my journey towards achieving my goals. Throughout the coaching package not only was I able to achieve a number of my smaller goals but I’ve had the most amazing opportunity to work on a prestigious blockbuster film that I never believed would of happened without Bridget’s advice, support and guidance. Bridget was extremely encouraging, supportive and flexible. I have signed up for a further 12 weeks so I can continue to achieve and exceed my goals and continue to live a kick-ass fulfilling life while discovering the best version of myself.

Emma Fellows Owner of The Moa Body Range, Farmer and Lover of nature

Bridget is an amazing, caring person with so much positive and energetic enthusiasm. She is the perfect cheerleader that has your back, and genuinely wants the best for you. She is super understanding with no judgement, which gives you the freedom to really be and get honest with yourself. This helps you to get out of your comfort zone. I am left feeling confident and have such a better outlook and understanding on where to from here.

Anna Cross Communications Specialist

I signed up with Bridget because unfortunately 2017 didn’t start as well as I thought it would. I have really enjoyed my sessions with Bridget, feeding off her energy and working on my self development. It didn’t take me long to get back to my usual positive, happy self and smash some goals out along the way. I have also learned some great skills to help me to live the best life going forward!

Meagan Rawlings MakeUp Artist, MakeUp By Meags, Environmental Awareness Advocate

To go into this whole thing with no expectations and no real idea of where I was heading and then to come out of it at the other end of the spectrum is incredible! I was so unbelievably impressed with that first session. It really opened up my eyes for the first time ever to toy with the idea of having an amazing lifestyle, which I had probably never thought seriously about before. And then to turn that into steps which could make it a reality was mind blowing. I think you made that process so easy because you are so intuitive, and also really easy to open up to without feeling judged. Also gaining an amazing friendship with you is priceless! How often these days do you connect with someone so easily and turn that into a forever friendship? Amazing.

Kylie Bulling MIND Fit Fitness & Nutrition Coach

I had a big idea. At the ripe old age of 34 I decided I wanted to start my own business in a field I hadn’t worked in before but was passionate about - health and wellness.  So I studied PT and nutrition and after 12 weeks with GDNZ/Bridget I have created MIND Fit - Move, Nourish, Inspire, Dare where I will be providing online fitness and nutrition coaching. Bridget helped me immensely in realising my potential, helping me get there in small chunks, and giving me the confidence to improve all areas of my life. If you have a dream, not matter how big or small, I can’t recommend Bridget highly enough to help YOU make that happen. Hustle Hard!

Shae Horrell ECE Teacher and Soul Searcher

Bridget is such a beautiful person. Her energy lifts my own frequency and her professionalism, advice, feedback has always been valued and appreciated by me. She helps by reinforcing positivity, joy and fulfilment into your everyday life through allowing you to just be, challenge you to have steps in order to change to be more happy, fulfilled as a person and your life. She's offered and recommended books to read, websites for research and always has your back! She is really effective in her coaching and establishes and maintains such a warm, meaningful and friendly relationship with you, where communication has no boundaries. She helps supports, guides and encourages you when you are totally out of your comfort zone and uncomfortable as hell as you face fear and new things with her support.

Emma Rarere Make Up Blogger, Student and Aspiring YouTuber

I signed up for GDNZ because I was very confused on how to start up my journey to completing my big goal which is to be a successful makeup artist. I needed to sit down and think of the very first steps I needed to take to get closer to that big goal of mine. I have achieved many goals that I wanted to complete, those of which include starting to do clients makeup, getting on track to full recovery of my knee and doing the best I can with my school work. I found this programme very helpful and motivating because now I am feeling happy and confident with where I am with my big goal and it doesn't seem that far out of my reach at all. I feel proud of my accomplishments.

Shelley Paddon Owner of Bundles for Bumps and Mumma of 3

Signing up with Bridget from GDNZ was the best thing I could of done when I was working on getting Bundles for Bumps off the ground. I had so many ideas and goals which was a little overwhelming as I didn't really know where or how to start. But Bridget gave me the tools to break my ideas and goals down into small steps that were achievable. She has been a valuable and essential part of getting my business up and running and I'm still working towards some of the bigger goals I set whilst working with her.

Gina Reed Owner of Manaaki Fit

I was looking for a life coach to help me get into action and make my dreams of starting my own business in women's fitness and board sports a reality. I had been thinking a lot about things I could do and actions I could take to get started but was really struggling to execute. I was my own worst enemy and I knew I needed someone to hold me accountable and give me some direction.

So when I came across Bridget and Goal Diggers NZ, the website and facebook really stood out for me from the rest of the coaching services out there. I could see that the content she put out about living a life you love was what I was striving for. She looked like a great role model for how I wanted to live my life so I signed up. Her organisational skills and systems have really helped me to be clear on what I need to do and she was there supporting me the whole way. I now have a clear vision for my life and revisit this daily. The support Bridget provided has given me so confidence in myself to take action and put myself and ManaakiFit out there.

She is absolutely amazing and has added so much value to my life. Working with Bridget has played a pivotal role in me now running my business, getting more ladies skateboarding and loving it.