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I spent last month travelling around New Zealand, catching up with new and old friends, meeting some of my amazing coaching clients and exploring places I hadn’t been to before, hello Mount Maunganui. I learnt a whole lot during that month away, so here I am sharing my new found knowledge with you, my #GDNZSQUAD! Somethings you might already know (especially if you’re part of the SnapFam) but hopefully you can take a piece of wisdom or two away from my four weeks of living out of a suitcase exploring beautiful Aotearoa and connecting with so many beautiful beings.


  1. Tahini is made out of sesame seeds, not Tahini (Haha Meags laughed at me about this, but hey I asked around and I wasn’t the only one who thought it was made from Tahini)
  2. It is possible to eat a meal without meat and feel fully satisfied, which may sound like pure ignorance to you if you never eat meat or animal anything, but growing up #farmtough I have a strong affiliation to the carnivore life so it was actually a really valuable experience staying with others who chose to eat mostly plant based. I’ve come home with quite the recipe repertoire.
  3. The ‘petite’ section at ASOS, TopShop etc. is not just for ultra skinny people, it’s actually for people below a certain height – hello ankle grazer jeans that actually graze my ankles. Hallelujah.
  4. That everyone has a different perception of the world and that’s okay, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t agree with you.
  5. That you can never have enough undies or socks. Like aksh.
  6. That there are people out there that you will connect with immediately, on a different level to most of your interactions that you have with others – make room for these peeps in your life. If you can pop a squat (when there is no toilet in sight, or who am I kidding maybe there is) within 10 minutes of meeting each other in real life we will be best friends. Guaranteed.
  7. That I can’t ski. (SnapFam witnessed this, real time, real talk, melt down 15 minutes in)
  8. To always be prepared for anything in any situation at any time, anywhere with anyone. Take a ziplock bag with you in case it rains to protect your valuables. Always carry a spare change of undies, always. Wear an extra hair tie or two around your wrist. Have snacks on standby, if boiled eggs aren’t accessible my second go to is a jar of nut butter, third option would be a couple of nuts (preferably salted). And lastly, have a ‘go to’ conversation starter or topic that you’re passionate about so you can always bring something to the table. And it’s totally okay if it’s food related, I feel ya.
  9. That not everyone likes to say ‘Good Morning’ at 6am when they are out for their morning burst of fresh air. Or smile, or make eye contact, or move to the left hand side or even acknowledge you exist. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE
  10. If you don’t use something regularly it will diminish. E.g. my fitness = rapid decline. Just as well my coaching clients supported (bullied) me into signing up for the Air NZ Queenstown Half Marathon in November. Paybacks a bitch.
  11. That everyone has their own pile of shit going on, and just because someone’s pile of shit is bigger than the person beside them’s pile of shit, doesn’t make either pile of shit more important than the other pile of shit, or more shittier. Does that make sense?

What was your favourite tip? Do you have one of your own that you would like to pass on? I’d love t hear them!! Leave me a comment below! Until next time…

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