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5 Tips to Nailing your Morning

5 Tips to nailing your morning, setting you up for a fab, positive + productive day

  1. Invest in a way to wake up that isn’t the alarm on your phone. I have an alarm clock. Some people sleep with their curtains open and wake up to the natural light. Fitbits have an awesome feature where they gently buzz you awake and don’t stop till you are up and moving. So many options!! If your phone is in arm’s reach it is going to be all too tempting to snuggle down and scroll through facebook, insta and snapchat! If your phone is your only option then turn the volume right up and chuck it in the room next to you so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. A technology ban in the bedroom might be all you need to start nailing your mornings (you can read about my technology ban here). Start your day with intent, determination and a clear head.

  2. Create a morning routine, so once you are up out of bed, you know exactly what it is that needs to be done. Overestimate how much time each part of your routine will take, this helps eliminate the stress and anxieties of rushing. When your healthy morning habits are put into practice consistently, mornings will become a natural and easy part of your day. Check out my morning routine and rituals here …  A Morning in her Shoes with Bridget Paddon from Goal Diggers NZ

  3. Make getting outside for some fresh air, while moving your body a PRIORITY. This could be as little as a 10 minute walk around the block or a flat out 60 minute run. If you can’t get outside, head to the gym or find movements you enjoy that you can do at home. Haven’t tried yoga? Be brave and give it a go, a 10 minute flow is the perfect start to the day connecting your breath to your movements, your mind to your body.

  4. Fuel up by feeding your body with whole foods to set you up for the day. Listen to your body and work out what is best for you in the mornings. If you’re not sure, try a few different options over a week (bacon and eggs, porridge, smoothie, fruit, yoghurt, muesli, omelette etc) and keep a food diary, reflecting on how you feel throughout the morning. I know that muesli and porridge can make me feel sluggish and unfocused by 10am, especially if I’m not burning them off with a morning sweat sesh. BAE = Bacon, Avo and Eggs is my go to brekkie atm.

  5. Be conscious of what it is that you want to achieve in the day, you are in control. Run the day, don’t let the day run you. You might be like me and thrive on lists. All my goals are broken down and I know exactly what I need to be doing each day to smash these goals. I am clear on when and how I will be exercising, who I’m catching up with and any other responsibilities I might have that day. I write all of this down in my diary in the morning, or sometimes the night before.  Perhaps for you, going over each part of your day in your head might be all you need. Find what works for you.




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