The Aligned Action Laser Coaching Call is an affordable taste of what it’s like to work one on one with a Goals, Growth and Fulfilment Coach. In the Aligned Action Laser Coaching Call we focus on one specific block, obstacle or issue that you’re currently stressing about! Within the 30 minutes we will get crystal clear on where you’re at and talk through the whole situation. Together, through questioning, looking at different options and checking in with what feels right for you, we will come up with action steps for you to move through this challenge straight away. You’ll be bloody back on your own journey towards achieving your goals, personal growth and living a kick ass fulfilling life.


Do you…

  • Have something that you can’t get off your mind, you’re not sure what action to take but know you need to do something?

  • Want to take the leap and make a significant and exciting change in your life but are feeling like you need some reassurance and support before going all in?

Are you…

  • Conscious that something is blocking you from reaching your potential, you want to talk your way through it and come up with a plan to move forwards?

  • Frustrated with your current progress towards your goals and you are looking for a new perspective on what you can be doing to bring that momentum back to your goals, growth and fulfilment?

  • Reflecting on your life and realising that where you are right now is not where you want to be?


Bridget consciously limits her Aligned Action Laser Calls to 1-2 per week. This is to ensure that she is as present as possible with each and every one of her VIP clients and is able to put 100% of her energy and focus into their individual goals, needs and their own unique Goal Digging experience.


“Bridget was very energetic, kind and extremely supportive during our Aligned Action Laser Coaching Call. I left the call feeling motivated and informed with some new approaches to a better me. Bridget sent through my plan of attack not long after the call and I was very excited to get started. My biggest takeaway from the laser coaching call was coming to the realisation that being a full time mum is a massive success in itself but I still need to prioritising filling my own tank and be kinder to myself. I loved that the ideas that Bridget gave suggested weren’t overwhelming and they have set me up for a better and more fulfilling life moving forward.  I loved and really appreciated the follow up email a week on after the laser coaching call. I held myself accountable all week knowing Bridget was going to check in on me so this was key to creating some momentum and keeping myself motivated. Love it, thank you so much Bridget, I’ll be investing in more coaching with you soon.”

Michelle Trotter – Mumma of 2, Goal Digger and Human AF 

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  • ⁃A document sent through to you full of Goal Digging questions that will help you begin to get clear on where you’re at and where you’re wanting to be 
  • A 45 minute 1:1 laser coaching call with Bridget
  • An email with aligned action steps for you to take moving forward sent through straight after the call
  • A follow up email a week on from the laser call


$299 NZD


Within 24 hours you’ll be sent through confirmation with payment details, your Goal Digging questions to answer and a link to book your 45 minute 1:1 laser coaching call with Bridget! Let’s get this party started!!