Be More Reflective | 2015

Happy New Year to you, my Goal Digger Crew!! Now that the festivities have started to wrap up and we begin to have some spare time (if only, who has spare time?? Lets go with allocated time) for life admin, we start to think about the unlimited possibilities and opportunities we have ahead of us, to make 2016 kick a whole lot of ass. BUT the most important yet easily forgotten step, is to reflect on the year that has been. The 365 days of 2015. Reflect on what we achieved, how far we came, how we changed, what we did more of, what we saw more of, who we became, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. You are probably like me and struggle with not getting caught up in the never-ending list of things you want to do. I’m always striving to be better than before, I have 100 new ideas per day and I’m non-stop setting epic goals I want to achieve.

So my babes, today, instead of seeking achievements for the future, striving for growth and looking at how much further I can go with my GDNZ journey, I will reflect, celebrate and be proud of all I achieved in 2015 – it has definitely been my best year yet!

Do More

Completed my Diploma in Professional Coaching

Launched my own business Goal Diggers NZ

Coached my first paying clients

Swam in the Pacific Ocean with the Humpback Whales

Nailed the headstand

Snorkelled the crystal clear waters of Niue

Connected with a number of like minded babes that I now call my friends, aww!!

Reconnected with old friends

Embraced Mondays – TGIM

Read the Harry Potter Series – How had I not read them before now? I ask myself the same question

Unplugged – Bedroom = Tech free zone, highly recommend!

Whole 30

See More

Ed Sheeran x 2

Sam Smith

Rod Stewart



Australia – Gold Coast




Hanmer Springs





Be More

Consistent… Consistently walking in the mornings, to clear the mind, reap the benefits of daily Vitamin D, plus getting physical has been something that I will be continuing with for as long as I can. The best way to start the day! Another goal for me was to be consistent with food. If I want something I will eat it! I think when we start telling ourselves we can’t have something that’s when we can start developing a negative relationship with food. Balance is key! I have also become very connected with my body and know how each different food group makes me feel – this makes it a lot easier to make better choices.

Positive… Positive self-talk has been a biggie for 2015. If you don’t believe in yourself, who is going to believe in you? Be positive about yourself, be positive about others! There is positivity in every situation, you just need to look closely.

Brave… I have certainly made good use of my big girl pants this year! Launching GDNZ on Facebook took a lot of balls! Putting it out into the big wide world to be judged and scrutinised was a nerve-racking step!  Feel the fear and do it anyway!!

Me… I’ve found myself this year! I’ve stopped worrying about other people’s opinions, stopped trying to follow trends, and started doing things I want to be doing! A blog post dedicated to Being Yourself right here!

Grateful… I was unfortunate enough to be hit with tonsillitis, gastro and the death flu all within a few months. This made me appreciate my amazing fully functional body, both physically and mentally. I will be forever grateful for my health and the ability to exercise daily – taking advantage of that whenever I can. I’ve also had a number of emotional moments this year where I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing people I have met this year, the support from my friends, the support from people I barely know,  the support from people I don’t know! I have so much to be grateful for and will continue to be throughout 2016.

Mindful… 2015 had me questioning the world!! Refusing to take everything for face value by being more mindful! Where is my food coming from? Who am I supporting when I buy certain products? How are my thoughts affecting my spirit? Are my days filled with what I want to be doing or full of things I think I should be doing? How does my body feel after I eat sugar? Am I reaching my absolute potential?

Alright 2016, what have you got? Bring it!

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