Break up with your goals

Break up with your goals Goal Digger!! Yes, you read that correctly.

Break. Up. With. Your. Goals.

No no no, not for good!! Just for a little while.

Goals are good. Goals are GREAT! But goals can also be overwhelming as f*ck. Especially if you have a few (I am currently working towards smashing 10 and that’s just my GDNZ goals… help!)  and especially if you are extremely passionate about them. Because if you’re in the same boat as me you will very well know that these precious and inspiring goals can begin to take over your life, which can turn your dreams and aspirations into an added stress instead of rainbows and lollipops.

So here’s where the break up comes in. I want you to break up with your goals. We’re talking COLD TURKEY. It is going to be tough. BUT it is also going to be one of the most liberating and rewarding break ups you have ever been through. Why? Because when we start seeing our goals as a chore we stop the flow of motivation, creativity, positivity and passion. We get angry at our goals and our goals get angry at us. A holiday from your goals may be just what you need, to recharge your brain, your inspiration and your determination. Feel like a break up is on the cards? Check out the options below to increase productivity and effectiveness, relight your spark, passion and motivation, and challenge your perspective.

Lets get your hustle back and start goal digging!!

Option 1. 

Schedule in time throughout your working week where you do something for yourself that has nothing to do with your goals. This can be tricky, especially if you set goals for EVERYTHING (like me)! For me it is spending time and catching up with family and friends, having a laugh and embracing any silliness!!

Option 2.

Have the weekend for you. Have the weekend for your friends. Have the weekend for your partner. Have the weekend for your family. Have the weekend to Do More, See More and Be More. Depending on your goals and your circumstances it can be hard to go cold turkey in the weekends. One of my GDNZ goals is based around social media. I still post during the weekend, however I like to have these posts somewhat predetermined so it doesn’t take any longer than 15 minutes and then, voila, I’m done!! Back to being present and being broken up from my goals for the weekend (no drunk 2am texts, thanks goals).

Option 3.

Take a holiday and leave your goals behind. This is absolutely the most effective break up. Before I headed into Milford Sound over Easter weekend, I was totally overwhelmed by everything I was working towards professionally and personally. It was having a huge impact on my mood and mindset. It was like I had PMS… on steroids. Cue adventure to a paradise that is completely disconnected from the outside world, no service, no wifi, no iPhone. In its place unreal company, nature, meaningful conversations, being present and feeling grounded. A three day break from my goals was absolute bliss. The day after returning back to the real world I had a fresh new perspective on my goals and made some much needed changes. I was reenergised, excited, motivated, passionate and ready to kick my goals butt. (Which I have been doing over the past fortnight, might I add #goaldigger).

The most important part of breaking up with your goals is knowing that you will be getting back together with them eventually. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I say absence (of your goals) makes you want to hustle your f’n butt off.

Are your goals stressing you out? Planning on breaking up with your goals? You’ve already taken a break and reaped the benefits? Comment below, I’d love to know!!!

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