ACTIVEWEAR GOALS AT GOALS STORE Babes, Sophie Gibbs and Caroline Walak, from the Goals Store invited me to come up to hang with them for the afternoon at their gorgeous store in Arrowtown a month or so ago. We had a lot in common. Activewear addicts. Tick. Ambitious babes with a passion for goals. Tick. […]

Featured Goal Diggers | Liv & Irene @prepairnz

Who run the world? GIRLS! I instantly vibed with these two when they started popping up on my social media with their non for profit organisation, Prepair NZ. They share the same passion as we do here at GDNZ for self-love while they teach young women about healthy relationships and educating them on how to […]

Featured Goal Digger | Courtney Ogle

Where does one even begin when they have just read answers to questions that feel like they came straight out of their own head. I’m currently feeling like this one, Courtney Ogle, and I have somehow been separated at birth or perhaps, far more logical, been sisters in a past life, because holy cow I […]

Featured Goal Digger | Holly Lindsey @30vs30

Here’s an honest introduction for you… I sent through these questions to Holly last year and have only just sorted my shit out to get her up on the blog, because, one word, LIFE! Yeah we all know how the ending of 2016 went for me ?Anyway, Holly and I have rekindled our inter-mance (new word […]

Featured Goal Diggers | Chloe and Sarah @zeenyaclothing

One of my intentions that I try to include in my day to day life is to be more mindful, especially when it comes to my own and others holistic health. So here’s what has been playing on my mind this morning. Where have our clothes come from? Who made them? How much were they paid […]

Summer Activewear Essentials @stirlingsportsofficial

Activewear addict? Me too! Wondering where Summer is? Me too!! Well Stirling Sports has us covered from head to toe while the weather decides what season it’s in!! They’ve got our backs! Thanks Stirling Sports!! This month I reached out to Stirling Sports to collaborate together to showcase some pieces from their new ranges and their […]

Gina Reed | Featured Goal Digger GDNZ EDITION

Introducing our first Featured Goal Digger for 2017 the energetic and passionate Gina! I thought there is no better way to start this year off than with one of my own amazing coaching clients who inspires me every time we speak and I’m sure she is guaranteed to inspire you too! I’ve been working alongside […]

Featured Goal Diggers | Ren & Jen @realhealthnz

This week I’m super happy to introduce two inspirational Goal Diggers who make up the team at Real Health NZ. Ren and Jen have created an amazing online platform to empower women’s wellness through real food and daily movement that is accessible to everybody! They have a clear passion for health, fitness and holistic wellness […]

Featured Goal Digger | Janelle @mediajam

This week’s Featured Goal Digger is Janelle Brunton-Rennie! A hard-working, passionate Goal Digging babe, who does an incredible job running her very own PR company, Media Jam. Janelle and Media Jam supporting and promoting natural, ethical and sustainable businesses and products. I had been following Janelle and Media Jam for awhile after noticing our past Featured […]

Featured Goal Digger | Misty Sansom

Meet Misty, this weeks Featured Goal Digger. Misty got in touch with me to check out her e-book, Find Your Purpose, to see if I would be interested in giving away a copy to my GDNZ followers!! After reading the e-book I found that Misty and I 100% share the same vibe and are both […]