Do More Goal Digging | 5 Kick Ass Steps To Smashing Your Goals

So you want to be a Goal Digger? Or maybe you’ve already started your Goal Digging journey but keep falling off the sparkly, feel good, hustle wagon? DW we’ve all been there! Cue me in my trackies (lets be honest, this is a state for a strict no pants policy) + eating food that I know will just make me feel worse (Kit Kats, S&V Kettles, Onion Dip etc etc) + binge watching Netflix + naughty naughty negative thoughts (I can’t do this, who do I think I am, I could just go back to my old job, it was less complicated, way easier). The trick is to give yourself time to temporarily fall off the wagon, but know that tomorrow morning (or the next day) you are going to change your ‘tude, reflect on what your goals mean to you, why you set them in the first place and how AMAZING it will feel once you have smashed em’. If you’re into talking to yourself (like me, do you ever find yourself, by yourself, thinking, ahhh did I just say that out loud?) and into positive affirmations + self-talk you could start by saying/singing/shouting/rapping/interpretive dancing…

I am a bad-ass b*tch and I am going to kill it this week! GOALS find a change of undies COS I’m coming for ya!


Here are my 5 kick ass steps to smashing your goals, that are so tight, hopefully you don’t fall off the wagon quite as hard as mentioned above. Get it girl!! (And boy 🙂 )

Be ambitious

You deserve to radiate happiness everyday! So be ambitious with your goals. Dream big! Brainstorm. Think short term. Think long term. Take control of your happiness by discovering what it is that makes you happy and what ignites your soul.

The more detailed the better

The more specific you can be with your goal the easier it is to stay on track. This is the time to take your ambitious dream life goals and break them down into smaller realistic goals. Clearly identify what it is that you want to achieve. When will it be achieved by? How will it make you feel once it is achieved?

WHY + Positivity

What is the driving force behind your goal? Success? Passion? Health? Family? Money? Fulfilment? Life purpose? Once you’ve established the WHY, ensure that your goal is written with a positive spin. A goal that includes lose, stop, limit or any other vocab that suggests what not to do, will actually be working against you throughout your journey. Instead change the goal so it shines with passion and positivity. For example, instead of: I want to lose 10kg by the start of June April 2016 because I’m overweight. Let’s try: On the 1st of April 2016, I will be confidently fitting into my Size 12 jeans from making mindful and educated diet and exercise choices. I will be the healthiest, fittest and best version of myself.


Put your goal out into the world. Let it manifest! I handwrite my goals with my colourful collection of stationary and stick them up right in front of my desk! A daily reminder of what I’m working towards. Talking about your goals with loved ones is also super important. Let them know what they can do to be your support crew. Recruit a #1 fan! Write it, read it, speak it, live it, achieve it!


The most important step!! Make a big deal out of EVERYTHING! We are made to believe that ‘tooting our own horn’ is unattractive or a sign of arrogance, tall poppy syndrome and all that BS. I say share everything you are proud of. Heck, you’ve worked hard! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.


Passion + Positivity



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