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As you may know, I was lucky enough to bring in 2016 surrounded by the gorgeous views of stunning Queenstown. Not only surrounded by gorgeous views, but a whole bunch of gorgeous, loving and supportive people that I am truly grateful to have in my life!! Central Otago and the Lakes District is only a 2-3 hour drive from home and has been the go-to holiday spot since I was just a wee fart.

During our epic time in Queenstown, the crew lived by

Do More, See More, Be More.


This is where Jetboards NZ comes in!! Queenstown’s latest adrenaline rush! Jetboards NZ has a range of boards to get you flying on water – or flying through the air in the case of extreme biscuiting. The squad had a play on all the toys. The Jetboards, which are the motorised surfboards, the fly board, which shoots you up sky high into the air and only the most extreme crew members tackled the hoverboard. We also had a sick time on the biscuit, paddle board and loved the inflatable lounge where we chilled on the lake and watched the action while listening to a bit of J Biebs.

Absolutely loved every minute of our afternoon in Queenstown with Jetboards NZ and the rest of the crew did too!! Sai and Tori do an outstanding job with their number one priority being safety and their number two priority being a bloody good time and plenty of laughs!! Yeah-ya!!!

Are you ready to enjoy the ride of your life? Check out these vids with more info on the boards and how to nail it the first time (ok…. maybe the second…)



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