Featured Favourites | August ✖ September

This months Featured Favourites are full of some absolute must-haves that will give some loving to your mind, body and soul! Dig in!

Morfa – Sculpt Full Length Tights

Looking for a high-quality pair of tights, that are flattering, comfortable, don’t cost a fortune and most importantly don’t go see through when you bend over? Then you need to get a pair of Morfa’s Sculpt Full Length Tights. I have two pairs and they are continuously on rotation- my go to pair of tights for both training and leisurewear. I love the feeling of the triple layer waist band as it supports my core while I’m exercising but also moves with my body which means I can go out for brunch in these flattering tights and not have to worry about them digging into me after I’ve devoured my eggs bene. My favourite fav this month – do yourself a favour and get a pair! Use GDNZ10 when you order to get $$$ off an already extremely affordable price.

Little Honey – Flawless Bronzing Kit

Hallelujah. A fake tan that ticks all the boxes including being a homegrown, NZ brand. I am not a huge fake tanner as the Spanish Gypsy Gods blessed my families bloodline with olive skin. However I really wanted to keep my Fiji tan so I tried out Little Honey to extend my sun kissed skin for as long as I could. THE COLOUR! The colour of Little Honey definitely sealed the deal then and there – it gave a truly flawless, gorgeous, golden tan. It was like I had been back on the islands for a couple of days (oh, if only). Little Honey smells amazing, infused with a delightful vanilla honey scent. It is mess and stress free as you apply it with your flawless blending glove and dries in 10 seconds. If you’re a fake tan lover then you need to get yourself a Little Honey Flawless Bronzing Kit.

The Tulip Room – Kokedama

What is a Kokedama you ask? It is a gorgeous, low maintenance, living piece of home decor that hopefully I don’t kill (fingers crossed). But in Japanese, it means moss ball. The one pictured, will be given away this month as part of Goal Diggers NZ’s week long 1st Birthday Celebrations, but I currently have Jess making two more for me, one for the GDNZ office and one for the bedroom. Add a bit of life to your decor with a Kokedama! You know you want to, plus apparently they’re really easy to look after. Bonus for me.

Pendulum Supplements – L-Glutamine AKG

A new range of supplements that I have just recently tried out.  Tom has produced a range of affordable and accessible high quality supplements with the vision of “real supplements for real people.” I’ve been loving the L-Glutamine AKG which I take after my workouts as it helps with muscle recovery and growth as well as supports healthy metabolism and energy production. I’ve noticed a huge difference in recovery, I’m not quite as sore and am down to one rest day a week instead of two. Other supps from the range that I have been using are Pendulum’s Magnesium Glycinate, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Acai Berry. If you’re looking into health supps that will support your healthy eating and training then take a look at Pendulum Supplements. They’re super affordable, which I love.

Antler Jewellery – Bar Necklace

Everyone asks me where my necklace is from so I thought I would include it in my Featured Favs. It is a simple bar necklace, that I wear everyday and every night, I don’t take it off. It is by the brand, Antler Jewellery, which I can’t seem to find a website for or find a list of stockists! How annoying! Sorry about that. I found mine at FOUND MY WAY, in Invercargill.

Lorna Jane Clarkson – MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets

This is an older book from the original Aussie girl boss Goal Digger, Lorna Jane. I rediscovered it while unpacking and man it is full of goodness. Inspiration on how to be your authentic best self, tips on successful goal setting (YUS) and the power of positivity. As well as being packed full of delicious recipes for meals, smoothies and treats. “The way I look at it your days are your life in miniature. What you do today is actually creating your future. The words you speak, the thoughts you think,the food you eat, and the actions you take are defining your destiny, shaping who you are and what your life will stand for.”  It is a must have for your bookcase! Truuuuust me.

Get stalking

@melissachalmers This girl has some outstanding spunk and a gorgeous Instafeed full of fitness, lifestyle and travel pics! She has just recently finished up 4 months of epic travel adventures and has been documenting this on her Insta as well as with some sweet YouTube vlogs. Go check her out.

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If you or your business have a product that you think we would love, get in touch and you could be part of GDNZ’s next Featured Favourites. 


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