Featured Favourites | January

Apart from the read of the month, which is written by one of our cousins across the ditch, everything else featured is a New Zealand made product!!! Yaahhoooooooo!!! DIG IN!!

Money + Mindfulness – Lisa Messenger

Money sucks, there is no question about it. Especially when you’re self-employed and floating around gasping for air in the unknown. You either have money or you don’t. But when you do have it, it’s never enough. Lisa talks about how our (usually negative) mindset around money can impact our finances, how there will be times in life when we have to spend more than our means but if it is a personal or professional investment who’s to say it’s wrong and a biggie that really hit home with me is that time is money. “It’s a different kind of resource. You can’t buy it, rent it, borrow it, store it, save it, renew it, or multiply it. All you can do is spend it.”  An absolute must read!!!

Good Buzz Brewing Co. – Green Jasmine Booch

Well, well, well. I have noticed these bottles of beautiful brew popping up in my Insta and FB feeds for quite some time now!! FINALLY I KNOW WHY!! I never knew tea could taste sooo dam good and pack many health benefits at the same time. Good Buzz Booch is a fermented, naturally carbonated, slightly sweet, probiotic and enzyme rich natural kombucha tea.

Frooze Balls – Banana

Dates, dried bananas, raw cashew nuts, raw almonds, natural flavour and coconut = a kick-ass raw energy snack that you need in your life. Less is more for these raw balls.

Can’t Live Without – Coffee Cane Coconut Body Scrub

This wee jar of goodness was a lifesaver while I was away in Nelson. The perfect travel companion. I’m a coffee scrub enthusiast but usually leave it behind when I travel because a) the paper bag it usually comes is not travel friendly and we all know how soggy it gets and b) no one wants their shower looking like a coffee grinder explosion. This baby came to me in the January Delight Box from I Am Co and turned up just in time. It easily fit into my luggage. Because of it’s consistency, more of a paste opposed to granules, MOST of it stayed on my skin while scrubbing, making for an easy clean up job. AND it was just absolutely amazing for my skin which was continuously out in the sun. Oh and did I mention it comes in a fancy looking jar, with a screw top lid – no more soggy paper bags.

Eco Store – Coconut Soap

Soap’s soap right? Wrong. These Eco Store soaps have been my fav for a long time. A great alternative to body wash, because sometimes you just want to lather up with a bar of soap. No nasties. Coconut is on the ingredients list and the wee cruelty free bunny makes an appearance on the packaging, what more could you want?

Candle Crush – Singing In The Rain

If I’m feeling a bit stressed and want to unwind, I’ll light one (or three) of my candles from my candle collection. Hand poured natural soy candles proudly hand made here in New Zealand. With 24 mouth watering flavours, there is something for everyone.

Shelley’s Hen’s – Free Range Eggs (Straight from the farm, thanks sis)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE EGGS. If the egg man needs a female counterpart for his segments, I’ll come running!! Boiled eggs = in the fridge, the quickest, filling snack, especially on the go, pop in the kids (and big kids) lunch boxes yessssss. Scrambled, omelette, poached = great breakfast options. Fried = on top of a juicy medium steak. SO MANY OPTIONS. And the difference in taste and colour of a fresh free range egg really speaks for itself!! I’m lucky to get a supply from my sis!

M Fit – Goal Digger Tank

Apart from the obvious here, these tanks are a-mazing!! With such a huge range, the number one Goal Digger (soon to be Featured right here on GDNZ) Makaia Carr has done an incredible job of designing both lifestyle and motivational tanks as another avenue of inspiring, empowering and motivating the MMNZ community. I’ve worn my Goal Digger Tank working up a sweat, during the day in the heat in Nelson with my denim shorts and dressed it up to go out for dinner with some black harem pants and heels. Too easy!! M Fit have generously given GDNZ 2x Goal Digger Tanks to give away!! Keep an eye out on GDNZ Instagram and Facebook for the details!! Hint: The giveaway will be up following Mak’s Featured Goal Digger post this Weds (10th Feb 2016)!!

Get Stalking

@girlgoalsnz – Passion, motivation, empowerment, self-love and a lol or two is just a scroll away with Girl Goals insty feed. And lots of pink!!! Who run the world?

@stirlingsportsofficial – Activewear, activewear, scrolling through Insta in my activewear….. looking at more activewear. A showcase of activewear inspo with the latest ranges, snip its of what their brand ambassadors are up to, need to know info and some unreal giveaways.  Stirling Sports is a NZ based sportswear and activewear store where their first ever store opened on Dominion Road in Auckland in 1964! Didn’t they do well!!

Tunes of January

Gold – Kiiara

Trouble – Iggy Azalea Ft. Jennifer Hudson

Over and out xx

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