Featured Favourites | June ✖ July

Our June  ✖ July Featured Favs are rocking the boat!! Including a couple of new products that have knocked our current favs right off the podium!! Dig in and enjoy my Goal Diggers.

The Tulip Room – Painted Heart Reflection

In love with my new Painted Heart Reflection from The Tulip Room! We all know how much I love navy and this turquoise colour is right up my alley at the moment too (Sneak preview… these gorgeous colours are on the 2016 GDNZ Hoodie yet to be released!) My gorgeous best friend Jess runs The Tulip Room, she ensures every piece is handcrafted to the highest quality and values originality making sure her pieces are like nothing else on the market. I’m crushing on her stunning handmade Kokedama’s and can’t wait to get my hands on one… or two. Go give her some love!

Fix & Fogg – SUPER CRUNCHY Peanut Butter

The past two months of tasting and trialling new products seem to be upsetting my go to favourites quite a bloody bit! We all know what Nelson based Peanut Butter is the pick of the bunch BUT I’m 99.9% sure I have found some good old PB that is better! More delicious, more buttery and certainly more CRUNCHY! Fix & Fogg, the Peanut Butter Makers!!! Yep I’m going to put it out into the universe and say Fix & Fogg’s SUPER CRUNCHY Peanut Butter is my new favourite! I eat it with a spoon, in my smoothies, dipped in with a piece dark chocolate and occasionally with my finger, not going to lie. Kudos to you Fix & Fogg. They also have a couple of others in their PB range, I’m talking Smooth, Dark Chocolate and Smoke & Fire. Worth a try for sure my friends! (Also don’t be fooled by the sticker seal in the photo, this jar of PB is halfway to being demolished!)

Tease Botanix – Jojoba Facial Polish

The Tease Botanix range is a naturual hidden beauty that needs to be shared with the world!! Oh man, it is amazing, natural and cruelty free!! My fantastic client and friend, Ilenie got me onto this brand as she stocks it at her Beauty Therapy Salon and is also what your face is drenched with during the facials there. I’ve been using four of the products of the range and found it incredibly hard to choose just one. The Jojoba Facial Polish smells devine, is creamy and gentle made from quality natural ingredients. It is a super fine exfoliant that leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated as it cleans the surface of your skin. LOVE! I use it a couple of times a week. At home facial anyone?

Tom & Luke – Snackaballs Peanut Butter & Cacao

The best balls I’ve ever tasted. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are no balls left in the packet. I tried one Peanut Butter and Cacao Snackaball with the intention of leaving the rest for the photo. Not. A. Chance. I could not stop at one. THEY ARE SO GOOD. A new favourite, how do I get my hands on some more? These babies came in the August Delight Box from I AM Co. I’m also very keen to try Tom & Luke’s Mint Chocolate Trinity Bars, has anyone tried them? MINT + CHOC = Another fav of mine.

Neat – Sweet Child Natural Perfume

Over the past couple of years I’ve become extremely mindful of what I’m putting into my body as well as on it! Perfume is no exception. What is our perfume actually made from? How does it stay smelling crisp and pretty on my skin for so long? Why is it that blush pink colour? Neat natural perfume is the new kid on the perfume shelf and you don’t have to worry about the answers to these questions for Neat. What is Neat natural perfume made from? Both natural and organic raw ingredients – 100% natural. YEP 100% natural perfume and 100% NZ made. Love burning essential oils? Me too! It is like an essential oil cocktail for your skin. My favourite is Sweet Child – a mix of sweet almond oil, lavender, vanilla, rosewood, pear, gardenia, sandalwood, rose, jojoba & bergamont! Yummmmyyy.

Adashiko –  Rejuvenation Powder

I’m a smoothie-holic so get pretty excited when I find something natural and full of health benefits to add into the mix. Adashiko collagen powder is a white, odourless and tasteless powder that regenerates collagen and elasticity in skin, strengthens nails and hair and supports cartilage and ligaments. Basically it is a magical powder that allows you to Do More, See More and Be More. I’ve only been taking it for a couple of months but have already noticed a huge difference in my nails, they are a lot more stronger, less flaky and they need cut a whole lot more often. Something else I have noticed is that the products I put onto my skin are actually being soaked up by my skin as opposed to just sitting on top of it, I’m not sure if this is a ‘listed’ benefit however it is surely something I am aware of. BUT my biggest benefit I LOVE is the support it offers my muscles – especially during last week when it was my first week back strength training, I swear I should of been a whole lot more tender and stiff than I was. Adashiko I’m giving you credit for this! Thank you!!

Bon Bon Cosmetics – Pavlova Body Butter

You know when you smell something and you wish you could eat it, but you can’t because it’s not edible BUT IT DAMN WELL SHOULD BE. Bon Bon Cosmetics nails this. I can’t even describe this smell to you and do it justice, you have to experience it for yourself. The consistency of this body butter is super whipped, velvety and creamy. A self-love ritual of mine is taking time out of my day to rub this rich cream all over my bod, I suggest you add it to your daily routine as well. You and your skin can thank me for it later. You’re welcome. Thanks to Mo from Salute Kids Clothing who showed me the light and the amazing Bon Bon Cosmetics range.

Get stalking

Instagram: @karinairby + @moanabikini + @bikini.body.burn

Snapchat: karina.irby

I’ve been stalking these three insta accounts daily for the past couple of months. Karina is a strong and inspirational Aussie babe leaving her mark on the world with an epic bikini lifestyle line, Moana Bikini. I purchased one of these to add to my bikini collection for my upcoming Fiji trip, can’t wait for some sun and to be able to wear less than 4 layers of clothing.!! Karina (alongside her personal trainer) has also developed a 12 week bikini body guide full of nutrition advice and 12 weeks of workouts to whip you into bikini bod shape with an emphasis on strengthening and growing the bootay. If you’re into bikinis, tan, sun, booty, fitness and inspiration then go and give one or all of these accounts a follow!

Tunes of the month

If you or your business have a product that you think we would love, get in touch and you could be part of GDNZ’s next Featured Favourites. 


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