Featured Favourites | September

GDNZ’s first Featured Favourites! A monthly post bursting with info on my favourite fulfilling and mindful products. As well as other random radness like tunes of the month, what to watch and who to stalk!!

Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter – Crunchy

This needs no explanation. I eat it with a spoon. I eat it with my finger. I spread it on banana. I spread it on fruit english muffins. I put it in my smoothies…. but mostly I eat it with a spoon. Nothing. Beats. Pic’s.

EcoTan Body Wash – Organic Coconut and Mint

If you’ve tried ANY EcoTan product you know they mean business when it comes to natural skincare and tanning products. This body wash is no exception, made from only organic and natural ingredients which is perfect as I’m staying mindful of what I am putting on my bodies largest organ, yep my skin. The scent is tingly, refreshing and clean. The amber packaging is gorgeous and I love the ease of the pump dispenser. I’m nearly at the end of my first 500ML bottle and I’ve been using it for over three months. No doubt EcoTan will reappear in my future favourites – has anyone tried out their new Face Tan Water? Looking forward to trying it, my face is always looking like a ghost compared to the rest of my bod!

Manuka Doctor – Api Clear Purifying Facial Peel

Hands down the best face peel I have ever tried. The satisfaction of gently pulling it off after 20 minutes is worth the wait, revealing any goobers stuck to the other side of the mask (EW… yet so fulfilling) and the softest, cleanest skin ever!! Shout out to Shaaanxo, which is where I originally saw this amazing product!

Lush – Dream Steam Steam Tabs

This month I’ve invested a bit more into my facial routine then I usually do and my skin is reapping the benefits. These Dream Steam Steam Tabs are simple to use, cheap enough (I broke mine in half so I could use each one twice 😉 ) and are a fulfilling and relaxing treat at the end of a long day. Drop one (or half) into a stainless steel bowl of hot hot water, drape a towel over your head and start inhaling lavender, rose and chamomile! The perfect time to practice your Ujjayi breath while you wind down and relax.

Morfa – Extend Long Sleeve in Azalea

I literally live in my Morfa gear. I love the Extend Long Sleeve to add an extra layer to my morning spring walks as well as an easy layer to take off when I’m overheating and sweaty during strength circuits. Incredibly comfy, moisture wicking and popping with colour.

Fitbit – Charge HR

The Fitbit speaks for itself! My favourite features are seeing what zone my heart rate is hitting while I’m training – peak, cardio or fatburn, step goals (I’ve kept mine at 10,000 but am planning on increasing it before I head away to the GC) and the challenges with friends. I’m currently ahead of my Mum by 600 steps! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

George Henry Clothing – Personalised Baseball Cap

I am in love with my black personalised baseball cap from George Henry Clothing!! It’s hard for me to find a cap that fits my head – they’re usually too big or just make me look like a muppet. This one fits my swede perfectly with an adjustable velcro strap and a hole for the old high pony out the back. I repped the sh*t out of this cap while I was in Niue and the only times I took it off was when I was catching zzz’s and hanging with nemo. It’s the first thing to get packed into my suitcase for Australia!! A must for summer, guys, babes and mini-me’s!!

What to Watch

How To Get Away With Murder
This addictive series keep you guessing! I thought I knew who did it but no-pe. Can’t wait for Season 2.
Loved OITNB but Wentworth is something else. More raw and realistic – and local. I’ve just started Season 2 – GO BEA!

Get Stalking

@mondayhustle – One of many new friends I have connected with through GDNZ 🙂 :)! An inspirational hustler who is on her journey to living her dream – swaggy, hilarious and raw! Check her out!
@logan_dodds – If you don’t know who Logan Dodds is or haven’t even at least seen his viral YouTube hit Summer Daze, then I’m not sure if we can be friends! Kick-ass travel inspo. WARNING you will get very jelly!

Featured Tunes of September

We All Fall Down – A-Trak feat. Jamie Lidell

Shine – Years & Years

That is it for September!! I’d love to hear about your favourite fulfilling, mindful or just KICKASS AWESOME products you’ve been using. Comment below, on FB or Insta, or flick me an email!

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