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Introducing Abbie Harker-Ferguson. A hardworking Kiwi Goal Digger with big dreams in the both the national and international music industry. I’m really excited to be featuring ABBIE this week, our first New Zealand singer and songwriter to make it onto the Goal Diggers NZ blog.  After getting to know Abbie, I’m now full of inspiration, motivation and have even developed a wee girl crush knowing the in and outs of Abbie’s journey towards achieving her goals, what she is currently chasing and what obstacles she has overcome to get where she is today!  If you’ve got a minute, I highly recommend you check out the preview of her new album L O S T / F O U N D on iTunes, especially the tracks RUSH and MILLION (You’ll find the official music video for this beauty at the end of the interview)! You can thank me later, now dig in…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am a passionate NZ Recording Artist that goes by the name ABBIE.

Currently enjoying the journey that music has me on with my debut album recently released.

I feel so grateful that each day I am taking steps that support my passion for music.

I love sleep-ins, fresh sheets, travel, animals and clean but cozy homes, I love positivity, home-made vegetable soup and being challenged – both physically and mentally.

I am loving the clarity that each year gifts me.

Who is your inspiration behind your style of music…

I listen to many different styles of music for inspiration but would say that from a young age I was totally inspired by blues and soul music.

The raw honesty of artists such as Etta James, Sam Cooke and Lauryn Hill (to name a few), have inspired me to always write from a place of honesty.

I am the bomb diggity because I have recently…

Played my first international Festival July gone – ‘DEEBS DAY 2016’ in England.

This was my first international gig in support of my own music, I played the first single titled ‘Million’ as well as a few other tracks from my album ‘L O S T / F O U N D’.

The reaction from the audience was something that I won’t soon forget, I have been invited back next year as a main act.



What is your vision for L O S T / F O U N D…

I see people connecting and being moved by certain songs from the album, I am looking forward to touring the album later this year and am honoured to have my name in the running for selection, for the New Zealand Vodafone Music Awards later this year.

I was held back from achieving my goals when…

I’d had crippling anxiety since I was around 17 years of age, this affected my self belief and tended to suck the fun out of an experience. I wanted to put forward the best version of myself but couldn’t relax enough to do so, which was incredibly frustrating.

Getting to where I am today has been quite a journey!

Growing through tough times for me was all about saying yes instead of no, was about having faith that on the other side of action was learning and that I would be okay.

I have learnt to be kind to myself, some days aren’t going to be #amazondays and that is okay, working in bed with a cup of coffee and a face mask is success too.

Visualisation of my goals keeps me focused and hungry to keep taking steps forward.

I’m a risk taker because…

I am always looking for opportunities to improve myself and living life outside of my comfort zone. I am super competitive when presented with a challenge!

Currently Digging for…

I am currently building my network in the NZ Music Industry as well as internationally.

I am also very focused on my personal health and understanding my body, I would like to test myself physically over the coming months.

Suggestions welcome!

The best part about setting goals around my passion and living life my way is…

I am making decisions from a place of honesty and strength, I am proud of who I am and feel more confident than ever that I am where I need to be.

Top 3 bucket list goals ticked off…

  1. Travelled to Ireland – I had always wanted to visit, I love the accent and the culture.

Picked up the most beautiful tan winter coat while there, in the most nifty little second hand store.

  1. Have a confident young son and loving partner that support me in my goals.
  2. Left my 9 – 5pm day job to pursue music full time.

Top 3 bucket list goals to tick off…

  1. Exercise regularly!
  2. Be a guest on the Graham Norton Show! I love wine….he loves wine…
  3. Win a New Zealand Vodafone Music Award for Break Through Artist Of The Year / Best Female Solo Artist.



“I am enough” such powerful words.

Get listening to…

Right now I am in love with Matt Corby / Monday.

He is just A-MAZING vocally and as a person! If Christmas were a human.

Get watching…

My favourite actress is Melissa McCarthy, I recently watched ‘SPY’ the movie and did not stop laughing. So much funny, I love her style.

Some of the movies she has graced include Bridesmaids, THE BOSS, Identity Thief, The Heat….

Favourite movie of all time…

Would have to be ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Directed by Baz Luhrmann.

When self-doubt and CBF creeps in you stalk… because…

I follow people that are making steps towards what they want in life, such as Bridget from @goaldiggersnz on Instagram, Emily Gallagher of Conscious Boss Clique on Facebook and really any person or product that inspires me to keep on at my goals.

I adore makeup and always feel better after watching someone create a flawless look.

When I just need to laugh I…

I take a break from what is making life complicated and recharge, a fresh perspective on a situation is sometimes all you need.

I spend time with people that matter to me, drink hot cups of tea and if I am honest – indulge in a chocolate bar or two.

Being surrounded by people that want the best for you is a powerful thing.

While you’re here, lets set some magic and mindful intentions! I will…



Be More… DIRECT!

I invest in my body by…

I aim to eat as clean most days and drink plenty of water daily.

I laugh a lot with my partner and aim to get plenty of rest.

I gave up smoking 5+ years ago as it didn’t fit into the vision I had of being a successful mother and musician. I am so grateful for my health.

I invest in my mind by…

I love to learn new things, when I find something I am unsure of, where possible I will study with the intention of up-skilling which in turn gives me confidence.

I also visualise where I am going with my goals as I drift off each night.

I invest in my soul by…

I aim to take a moment most days to be grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met and experiences that I have been part of. I also celebrate how far I have come with regards to my own personal growth, on days where I feel that I am not moving forward – perspective is worth it’s weight in gold.

My top 3 tips for living a kick-ass fulfilling life…

  1. One foot in front of the other, little steps add up, keep moving.
  2. BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS, a rising tide lifts all boats.
  3. Enjoy the moment, you deserve it.

My typical day from AM to PM…

My days are flexible as I am currently full time music, however a structured day is very important to me.

I wake up around 7:00am – 7:30am each day, make my bed and have a yummy breakfast.

After I have enjoyed a tasty coffee (massive part of my mornings) I like to get showered,  dressed and get any little daily tasks completed.

Once at my desk, I am scanning my social media, checking my emails & paper diary (stationary is the best), making important calls & working through my to-do-list.

I often have appointments/meetings throughout the week around Auckland, which I really enjoy.

Taking the time to create something delicious for lunch is always enjoyable and as I live close to Waiatarua Reserve and Orakei Basin, I occasionally take a mid day stroll / break if the weather is nice.

Family is a big part of my life and are constantly around at home base, they take priority as they arrive home from approx 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

I tend to work again once my son heads to bed after the dinner and homework rush.

Followed by some tea and either some music that I love playing or an episode of something that doesn’t require too much thought.

I head to bed by around 10:00pm each night 🙂


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