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Featured Goal Digger | Courtney Ogle @crave.lifestyle

Where does one even begin when they have just read answers to questions that feel like they came straight out of their own head. I’m currently feeling like this one, Courtney Ogle, and I have somehow been separated at birth or perhaps, far more logical, been sisters in a past life, because holy cow I actually feel like Court was in my brain while she was writing her answers. Lion King, yes. Revie Jane, yes. Hilarious, yes. Celine Dion, yes. Living a kick-ass fulfilling life, yes. DDRUUMMMM ROOLLLLLLLL (I used to be a teacher, and when I’d say DRRRUMMM ROOLLLL the kids would slap their thighs continuously until I was ready to make my announcement so I’m really hoping that you’re not letting me down and you are doing the same haha!!!) Because this lovely lady, deserves a bloody decent drum roll. Court and I connected a couple of years ago through Crave and GDNZ. I have been lucky enough to meet her in person and Court radiates everything she has written here and then some. I am inspired by her courage, determination and beautiful soul and am ecstatic to be working alongside herself, Rhys and Crave Lifestyle in the near future (watch this space, or should I say ship, space-ship? You’ll get the joke one day!). Court is an expectational example of someone living the #GDNZLIFESTYLE. Court has created a life full of her passions, purpose and everything she loves doing, she has taken risks, she is smashing goal after goal and inspiring others to do the same along the way! I can assure you, once you’re through with this Featured Goal Digger, you will be craving more! Dig in!

A little bit about me…

My name is Courtney and I am one half of the team at Crave Lifestyle. I am also a daughter to the best ma and pa I could ask for; I am a middle sister of two amazing brothers; I am a friend to some of the most loving and supportive people on this little place we call earth; and I am an aunty to hands-down the cutest little dude I have ever met. I am super lucky and grateful.

I have an undying love for the beach (even in winter), a slight obsession with time (it passing me by, as well as watches/clocks/egg timers and other ways to tell it), wild hair, and love the smell of freshly mown grass.

I grew up dreaming about running my own business – then ended up in the corporate world, working in marketing within the financial services industry of all places. But that all changed in 2015 when I finally decided it was time to live the dream. Working with Rhys to bring Crave Lifestyle to life was one of the most fulfilling years of my life so far.

I love coming up with creative ideas and get super passionate about the work that I do. Crave Lifestyle is a huge part of my life, but when I’m not working on that dream I am helping other businesses to achieve theirs. I am currently contracting to a couple of great businesses/charities to help them with their marketing efforts. I love the chance it gives me to meet with a variety of people, and get creative in different industries.

Rhys and I were inspired to start up Crave Lifestyle because…

We’re both so passionate about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and we want people to experience some of what the world has got to offer at the same time.

Crave Lifestyle is about empowering you to create an active and balanced life through your daily actions, in a way that works for you. It’s about learning new skills or knowledge to help you build a lifestyle that you crave.

Whether it’s with personal training clients, corporate teams, or our guests on retreat, there is nothing better than seeing that you have helped them make a change in their life and the positive results they’re experiencing from that.

If you were to come on our Crave Fiji Retreat you can expect…

All the options that you can dream of, and the opportunity to tailor make each day to create your perfect holiday.

Guests experience workouts that focus on fun (high and low intensity options), workshops, relaxation sessions, spa treatments, Pilates, beautiful accommodation, delicious food, bubbles and cocktails (yes, actually), snorkeling, coral reefs and pretty fish, sunshine, laughs, other amazing people, fresh seafood, tennis, surfing, local markets, adventures, fun, new friends, local culture, beach walks, SUP and kayak adventures, and so much more! We’ll even take you shark diving if you really want to.

It’s an escape to paradise, where you can find your happy, healthy, balanced self. Go home with new friends, refreshed spirit and energy, and the bonus of a glowing Fiji tan. Pure bliss.

I am the bomb diggity because I have recently…

Followed the dream and put my all into launching Crave Lifestyle with Rhys (and the help and support of so many others of course). In the process I found what drives me, what inspires me and started working towards other goals that I had put on the back burner. One of my major achievements is losing a heavy 24kg of self-doubt and poor self-esteem, disguised as a booty, tummy, and general padding all over. While the weight-loss itself is a great achievement, what’s more mind-blowing to me is that the other day I looked in the mirror and thought to myself “oh wow, I actually like that part of my body now”. That’s a big mindset shift from where I have been in the past and I’m stoked.

I was held back from achieving my goals when…

  • I’ve been held back from many goals, particularly in business, by just not backing myself enough. I’ve learnt to open up to other people and trust more. By letting people in to help me when I need it, and encourage me to help myself, has had a huge impact.
  • Mindset in general is a massive help or hindrance with regards to goals. Rhys has helped me to change my mindset with my weight-loss journey and then it has flowed on to everything else as well.
  • Worrying too much about what other people will think of me has also been a barrier to success. Still a work in progress, but the older I get and with the more experiences I have in this crazy little life, I’m starting to realise what’s more important. Take on advice, cast aside pointless opinions and comments.

I’m a risk taker because…

Yeeeeah I’m not really that much of a risk taker. It makes me nervous. But that’s where Rhys and I balance each other out with Crave so it works well.

I guess leaving my very comfortable role in the corporate world to chase the Crave dream was a bit of a risk, but one I was excited to make as well. Self-employed life can be filled with uncertainty, and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but surrounding yourself with the right people is what gets you through, and bringing it all to life is worth it.

Currently Digging for…

Crave is still so fresh! We have so many ideas that we want to make happen to bring the brand to life and allow us to achieve our goals of helping others. We’ve got some exciting things on the go this year that we’ll be sharing with you all very soon…

The best part about setting goals around my passion and living life my way is…

You always have the power to change. If you don’t like something or it’s not working, then change it. The other thing I love is that you meet so many likeminded people that you click with. There will always be people that judge you or make huge assumptions about you and your life, but when you start chasing your dream you also uncover this other group of amazing people that will support, guide and encourage you to achieve your goals.

Top 3 bucket list goals ticked off…

  • Brought the Crave dream to life.
  • Explored some of the world’s beauty. There will always be more to see, but I’m super grateful that I worked hard to travel to the places I’ve been. Nothing can replace those experiences.
  • Wear a bikini, on a beach, in the public eye! Some say its silly, but for some reason it took a lot for me to achieve and I am proud of it.

Top 3 bucket list goals to tick off…

  • Help, inspire or motivate one person to achieve their health goals. Hard to track, but I feel like if I manage to make a big enough difference then they will let me know!
  • Launch my next business idea, and grow Crave to be the number 1 retreat that people think of and want to join.
  • Write a kids book. Always been a dream of mine. Watch this space.


  • “Comparison is the thief of joy” – Teddy Roosevelt

I’ve loved this quote for so many years, but I still need to remind myself of these words on a regular basis. When we stop comparing our bodies, our skills, our lives in general to what others have, then we can really start to enjoy it.

  • “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, can end up being the biggest step in your life”

Whether you put it down to purposeful action or fate, I wholeheartedly believe this message. I was stuck on the idea with Crave and wanted to take it further but was holding back for some reason. That small step of going to see Rhys for training ended up being the biggest change in my personal and professional life. I will always be grateful for my brother guiding me to go and have a chat to Rhys, and to Rhys for having the Crave dream as well, and driving us forward to make it happen whenever I doubted myself.

Get listening to…

Running – Come Alive, Netsky

Gym sesh – Touch The Sky, Kanye

Relax/laying in the grass watching the clouds float by – Me (Analogue Dear Rework), Nils Frahm

Guilty pleasure – anything from Celine, Whitney or Tina, My Girl (The Temptations), Black or White (MJ), James Bay, or the Lion King Soundtrack. Not joking. Not embarrassed.

Get watching…

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. So many giggles!

When self-doubt and CBF creeps in I stalk… because ……

RevieJane – because she’s real. She’s talented, she’s passionate, she’s busy as heck with the work and mumma life but she’s still making it happen. Plus her bub is super cute. All this is just a perception of course because I don’t actually know her, but she does her thing and she does it with a smile on her face and I like that. I never feel any less about myself after seeing her posts.

Coach Rhys – because he knows his stuff and has enough drive and motivation to get us all going. He shares great workouts for people to try and motivating thoughts that help me to see things from a different perspective.

When I just need to laugh I …..

Watch Bridget’s snap story haha! But seriously, when I need a laugh I find that I need to force myself to touch base with friends. They help me lighten up and see the bright side of things again. Whether it’s a phone call or simply just tagging each other in yet another silly cat video on social media, it always ends in a good giggle.

Another favourite is to get out for a walk and try to take in the environment around you and get rid of that overwhelming feeling. Smile at someone as you pass them. Listen to the kids laughing as they play on the playground. Look at that cute dog wagging its tail. Little things like that go a long way and I guarantee you’ll feel so much better by the time you’re home again.

While you’re here, lets set some magic and mindful intentions! I will…

Do More… Work. Jooooking. I need to do more relaxing…..and Pilates! Find that balance, figuratively and literally.

See More… Friends and family. There will always be work that can be done, emails that need to be sent, and bills that need to be paid, but it’s the people that really matter and they may not always be there. One of my biggest goals this year is to find balance with my social life again, and spend more time with the people that encourage me, drive me forward and make me happy.

Be More… Trusting – in myself and others. I have a lot to offer the world, and it has a lot to offer me. Being more confident in myself and trusting will open me to so much more; opportunities to do more, see more and be more!

I invest in my mind, body and soul by…

Exercise and healthy eating are the best investment I’ve made, and continue to make. Moving my body makes me feel great and it flows through to everything else I do in the day. I have massively struggled with body image issues in the past, and to be honest I still do, but I try hard to shift my focus to everything that my body has achieved and can achieve if I put my mind to it. Just like training your muscles, training your mind is something that we need to do regularly.

If my head and heart need a little extra loving or breathing space, you’ll find me at the beach or on top of a hill somewhere. I’m such a water baby in spirit and I find that there is nothing more grounding for me than a bit of time with sand between my toes and water lapping at my feet. If I cant get to the beach, up a hill I go. Fresh air, open space and an amazing view – I feel like “me” again after that.

My top 3 tips for living a kick-ass fulfilling life…

  • Take the jump and chase what has been calling you! You can always go and get another job/flat/plane ticket/plan if it doesn’t quite work out.
  • Surround yourself with the right people. Business partners, friends, mentors, motivators. I would be completely lost without mine.
  • Talk to someone before it boils over. When I start getting overwhelmed, I generally start closing off. If I catch myself and talk to someone about it before then, the result is so much better! Problems that may seem huge can disappear in an instant just by opening up to someone and seeing it from a different perspective. See point 2.

Crave Lifestyle and Goal Diggers NZ have some exciting future plans together and we can’t wait to share them with you. To keep the #GDNZSQUAD happy in the mean time though, Crave are offering you all a ridiculous $400 off their Crave Fiji Package if you book between now and Weds the 29th March 2017 (dependent on room availability). Is a holiday in paradise with a focus on your holistic wellness something you’re craving? I bet it is!! If so, email hello@cravefitnessholidays.com for all the information (or check out the website below) and tell them you’re part of the #GDNZSQUAD to take advantage of the amazing offer they’re putting on for us! You’re welcome. I’ve got your back!

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