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If you’re looking for motivation to be #livingthedream then you HAVE to check out our latest Featured Goal Digger, the amazingly inspiring, Lucy AKA the Monday Hustler. This beauty is gorgeous both inside and out, full of optimism, heart and of course, hustle. And JEEZE she knows how to string a few inspiring and hilarious words together!!! Warning: After reading this, your inspiration levels may hit an all time high, like, your brain could potentially explode, it’s a goodie…

Hey Babe!! Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi.. My name is Lucy.. My last coffee was 20 minutes ago.. And I really, thoroughly enjoy chips and dip at any time of the day. But I’m not just a consumer of delicious treats.. A few months ago, I resigned from my sales position at TVNZ so I could focus on hustling for my dream. I finally realised that what I wanted out of life was never going to just magically appear (despite my own popular opinion!). And this came to me after receiving an opportunity to progress in my sales role. It’s pretty clear that I didn’t take the opportunity. I resigned on the spot. Sometimes, you just have to act on those impulsive gut feelings before your rational mind kicks in! Now, I am entirely focused on hustling for what I want out of life, as opposed to waiting around and hoping something will just happen for me. I’m in the driver’s seat of the Monday hustle express. And (most of the time!) it feels amazing.

I am the bomb diggity because I have recently…

Landed my first presenting job!! I fronted a campaign for Nando’s (yes, fried chicken) in conjunction with My Kitchen Rules NZ (which was also twistedly awesome, since My Kitchen Rules is a TVNZ show..!). This came through at a time where I was seriously questioning whether or not I had made the right decision, so I couldn’t help but take it as a sign that I was on the right track. Also, I have recently been employed as a DJ on ZM – something I have been pushing to achieve for a long time!


I was held back from achieving my goals when…

Before Monday Hustle, I went through a big patch of (what I used to deem) failures. Basically, I was putting myself out there for tonnes of exciting things and getting really close  – but not getting the job, and beating myself up for it. It made me embarrassed. However, it turns out, my perspective was holding me back. I finally realised that once you put yourself out there, you have succeeded. The end result isn’t up to you (as much as you’d like it to be!). So instead of worrying about an uncontrollable outcome, I now celebrate the achievement of braving the fear of rejection, and take everything else as a learning experience.

I’m a risk taker because…

I am living without any guarantees.. And I love it, because whatever you do, life doesn’t come with guarantees anyway.. I try not to think of risks when it comes to self-fulfilment as a negative thing. I actually feel my most powerful and my least self-conscious when I’m taking a risk, because you just have to dive in, do your absolute best and see what happens.

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Currently Digging for…

I am working on opening up the lines of conversation between myself and other people who are currently in, or who have been in similar situations. I want to try and expand Monday Hustle from being just my voice in to more of a community, which demonstrates what’s possible when you work towards what you love. I am also of course hunting for more opportunities in the realms of speaking, radio and presenting – totally digging it!

The best part of Monday Hustle…

The people who have come in to my life through Monday Hustle. Since putting myself out there, both strangers and friends have got in touch to share their stories, offer support and generously give encouragement, which keeps me going on my journey. I’ve also connected with some really awesome people (like YOU, GDNZ!) who I may never have come across otherwise. It’s something I never really anticipated and it has honestly been the most crazy, humbling, motivating part of my journey so far.


Top 3 bucket list goals ticked off…

  1.  Become a stunt woman
  2.  Sky dive
  3. Travel to my Grandma’s favourite city (Chiang Mai!)

Top 3 bucket list goals to tick off…

  1. Swim with sharks
  2. Do a stand up comedy set
  3. Trace my heritage


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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When self-doubt and CBF creeps in you stalk … because ……

I ALWAYS stalk online magazines to get me fired up and thinking about my bigger purpose. Catalogue and Collective Hub are my faves for inspirational aspiration. Failing that, watching a Ted Talk normally gets my brain ticking over again.

When I just need to laugh I …

Watch Summer Heights High, Mean Girls or Bridesmaids. Fail safe way to have me in fits.

While you’re here, lets set some motivating and mindful intentions! I will…

Do More …… Meditation! My ability to relax and wind down is terrible, so I am going to make time every day to get in ‘the me’ zone.

See More …… Of my new home city, Auckland. Am yet to be a tourist in my own backyard.

Be More ……… Grateful. I think gratitude is the best possible feeling, because it forces focus on the positive in any given situation.

How do you invest in your body?

I try to exercise at least 4 times a week to ensure I keep in touch with my body, which in turn fosters my mind. Speaking of..

How do you invest in your mind?

In the past few years, I have really tried to shift my internal focus from what I can’t control to what I can. Instead of stressing about inevitable facts of life – like ageing – I try to direct my energy towards what is possible, and what I can do in areas I’d like to improve or change, whether at a global or personal level.

How do you invest in your soul?

I try to give my soul permission to feel amazed. Sounds odd, but when I allow myself to feel small, and to really look at the world, I end up feeling powerless yet so powerful in the same breath.. Nothing better for the soul than a bout of humbling wonder!

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In 5 years I will be…

Still living the dream, helping others see what is possible when they invest in themselves.

Your top 3 tips for living a kick-ass fulfilling life?

–    Find out what makes you feel the most angry about the world – take the time to discover why – and then embody the change you want to see.

–    Don’t ever compromise who you are or what you believe in to try and fit a superficial mould.

–    Appreciate that not everyone is going to understand your greater purpose, and realize that that’s ok – they don’t have to.

What does your typical day look like from AM to PM?

Ideally..! Do some exercise first thing. Eat breakfast and catch up on the news (sometimes this means Facebook!). Spend some time writing, sending emails, and brainstorming ideas for new avenues and fresh directions. Try to set up a meeting with someone new, to get myself out there and more connected. Head out to meet a friend or for a coffee. Potentially do some opshopping (this will have more purpose in the near future.. Watch the blog space!). Chill out with a cup of tea and some sweet beats. Write a to do list for the next day. Create a glorious dinner, and head to bed early to watch a few episodes of whatever season I’m girl crushing over right now. The hustle is all about balance!


Website: Monday Hustle

Facebook: Monday Hustle

Instagram: Monday Hustle

Now get hustlin’ xx

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