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This week I’m super happy to introduce two inspirational Goal Diggers who make up the team at Real Health NZ. Ren and Jen have created an amazing online platform to empower women’s wellness through real food and daily movement that is accessible to everybody! They have a clear passion for health, fitness and holistic wellness and from what I can see have worked bloody hard to create a one stop shop website with all the tools to establish a healthy lifestyle for women in Aotearoa. Keep reading to find out heaps more about Real Health NZ as well as Ren and Jen’s motivations, inspirations and tips for living a fulfilling and healthy life.

A little bit about both of us…

I’m 25, married and own a Beagle named Trev! I’m the eldest of 3 girls and grew up in Rotorua. I am and always have been, incredibly passionate about getting New Zealanders active. I grew up on a pair of water-skis and spent 7 years representing New Zealand around the world. I completed my sports degree in 2012 then went off to work for Sport New Zealand as their inaugural graduate. Following this I worked for Sport Waikato and now run my own business alongside my husband. Ren
I’m 28 and a lover of all things health, sport and fitness! Im married and own a dog that thinks he’s human (seriously) called Vann! I am a qualified Personal Trainer having graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. My passion is to teach, I spent five years as a Physical Education and Health teacher at Waihi College and currently teach at the newly established Rototuna Junior High School. Jen

Together we are two everyday kiwi chicks on a mission to inspire and empower everyday women to adopt and sustain active healthy lifestyles through our women’s wellness website Real Health NZ! Our aim is to provide women with the tools to establish a healthy lifestyle filled with daily movement and real food through our Online Exercise Room and Online Real Food Kitchen!

We are the bomb diggity because we have recently…

Launched our Womens Wellness website Real Health NZ! (Something we talked about for months before finally deciding we should just take a massive plunge and do it!) We are really proud of what we have created, we love what we do and even more so, we love that we are helping women get active and live healthy lifestyles. It’s an awesome feeling!

Celebrating and reflecting is a key part of our Goal Digging journey, when, what and how did you celebrate your latest achievement…

On October the 2nd we officially launched our website! We celebrated with our close friends and family over a glass of bubbles and shared some of the many stories we have had along the way! Following this we spent some quality time away with our husbands as we had been seeing more of each other than them!!

We were held back from achieving our goals because…

Having full time jobs whilst building Real Health NZ was and still is a challenge for both of us! We have made lots of sacrifices, had many late nights and long weekends but being so passionate about our message has kept us going! Another massive challenge has been learning everything from filming and editing videos, creating a website and coming up with funky designs – you name it we have you tubed it!


We are risk takers because…

Putting ourselves out there as our true authentic selves for the world to see and judge has been really scary! There ain’t no airbrushing going on at Real Health NZ, we are all about bare faces and messy hair! We really have stepped out of our comfort zone, tried to create something unique and real in the hope that we will be able to relate to everyday kiwi women.

Currently Digging to…

Inspire more women to invest in their health and to realise that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean counting calories and spending hours in a gym! Working hard to establish our brand and spread our mission far and wide!

What inspired you to create Real Health NZ…

The health and fitness industry has made things so confusing and we have seen so many women and young girls (Jen as a teacher) confused with how to look after their bodies. We found ourselves increasingly frustrated with the amount of quick fixes on offer, unrealistic and expensive exercise  programmes out there. We wanted to make a difference and create something that would encourage everyday women to move more, eat real, treat their bodies exceptionally well yet in a realistic and sustainable way. We totally believe that making healthy food choices and exercising doesn’t need to be complex, fancy and cost the earth!

What is your vision for Real Health NZ…

 To get more women moving, realising their potential and not taking their health for granted.

The best part about setting goals around your passion and living life your way is…

 This doesn’t feel like work! We love creating content for our members and are so passionate about creating a platform that changes lives. We are consistently bouncing off each other and coming up with new ideas to make Real Health NZ bigger and better!

Our top 3 bucket list goals we have ticked off…

  • Represented New Zealand. Nothing better than wearing the silver fern and competing for your country
  • Established a career around my passion
  • Launching Real Health NZ!
  • Travelled through Europe
  • Completed my degree and developed a career doing something that I love
  • Launching Real Health NZ!

 Our top 3 bucket list goals we want to tick off…


  • Operate a successful business
  • Get into sports governance
  • See more of the beautiful country that we live in! Milford Sound and Queenstown (how have I not been there!?) are top of that list!
  • Sky dive!
  • Travel! So many epic places I still need to see!
  • Teach at an International school


Nothing great was ever achieved without passion. Ren
Believe you can and you’re half way there. Jen

Get listening to…

 Totes loving Twerk it like Miley! Ren
 Anything gangsta (cry face) Jen

Get watching…

Greys Anatomy! So much drama!

When self-doubt and CBF creeps in we stalk…

  • Dr Libby! She’s amaze!
  • Sheryl Sandberg #girlboss


When we just need to laugh we…

Hang out with my hubby he’s pretty much a comedian, have a glass of red or hit the D floor with the girls. Ren
Spend time with my husband he always knows how to make me laugh. I have also been known to crank a few of my fav tunes and cut some shapes around the house… neighbours must think I’m crazy! Jen

While you’re here, lets set some magic and mindful intentions! We will…

 Do More…
 …reading beyond the Good Health Magazine! Ren
…bush walks! I LOVE them and don’t do them enough these days. Jen
See More…
…of my husband! Ren
…of my family and more of the world with my hubby! Jen
Be More…
…present and enjoy the journey that is life and not be so caught up in whats coming next! I’m always in a bloody rush. Something I’m working on! Ren
…reflective. This is something I’m always teaching my students…. ekkk I need to take a lesson out of my own book! I would also love to become more of a morning person…… the struggle is real! Jen

We invest in our bodies by…

We practice what we preach! Move More. Eat Real. Everyday. No exceptions.

We invest in our minds by…

Brainstorming & goal setting…..I’m always thinking ahead! Ren
Turning my phone off, switching off from the day to day hustle and bustle and getting outside in the fresh air with my dog. Jen

We invest in our souls by…

Yoga, the occasional red, spending time by the water and being with my sisters. Ren
Laughing, being around my family and friends….. also cups of tea, I seriously don’t cope without a good cup of tea! Jen

Our top three tips for living a kick ass fulfilling life…

  1. Set goals and put plans in place to make them happen. Stick to them
  2. Surround yourself with awesome people and always make time for the things that make you the most happy
  3. Look after your body because without it you don’t have much! Ren
  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  2. Love what you do! Life’s too short to spend your time doing something that doesn’t set your soul on fire
  3. Invest in your health! Jen


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