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Last night I was told politely to stop being so humble and to get out of my own way.  By the one and only, spiritual realist, Emma Mildon. Thanks Em 😉 . But fuck she couldn’t have spoke more to my soul if she had tried. You might be the same as me and the fact that it is possible to be ‘too’ humble may not even be on your radar – but it is, it’s a thing!! Articles about eating too much humble pie here, here and here

I call bullshit. On you. And on myself.

For the last couple of months I’ve been holding myself back more than I ever have in my 27 years. More than I did at the beginning of my GDNZ journey. I have been holding myself back from sending emails to brands that I want to work with. Holding myself back from self-promotion. Holding myself back from dreaming big (when that is what I’m asking of my clients, hypocrite or human? 🤔). Holding myself back from posting more creative content that leaves me vulnerable e.g. videos of my face, workout posts, selfies, videos in general, me being me etc etc. Holding myself back from genuine connections. Holding myself back from asking for help, support and guidance. Holding myself back from celebrating. Ultimately holding myself and Goal Diggers NZ back from a shit load of growth.

This self-sabotage bullshit has got to stop.

What amazing experience, opportunity or growth are you getting in the way of right now? What bullshit have you been bringing to the table that has got to stop?

Be honest!!

Now tell me, what are you going to do about it? Here’s my game plan.


▪️Email every brand, business, person and PR company that has been sitting on my list for way too fucking long AND while I’m here, if you’re one of the above and want to work with me, get in touch here and let’s create some magic

▪️Create video content and promote the shit out of the last intake for 2017 of The Goal Digger Coaching Package 

▪️Start actioning my dream big goals, including the much anticipated relaunch of GDNZ Clothing, a new monthly group coaching package for 2018, one off coaching sessions and a 2018 Goals & Gratitude diary (I may need to calm the farm on this one as 2018 is 9.2 weeks away and counting EDIT: Toni has called me out on my bullshit right here, I was waiting for someone to, so let’s make it happen!)

▪️Grow a vagina (EDIT: I originally had grow some nuts here, but vagina’s are stronger than testicles technically, thanks Angela and Betty White) and create some videos to share on my social platforms. And have my pro photographer, my Gal Pal Mel, take some photos of me in my workout kit and start posting some fitness based content, because so many of you ask me on snapchat (👻goaldiggersnz) about my workouts – and the food I fuel my bod with

▪️Reach out to the babes I stalk daily to see how we can connect, collaborate and create together

▪️Actually ask my friends and family for support instead of trying to send them telepathic messages. The first thing I’ll be asking them to support me with is my fundraiser for Kids Can NZ and this hellish Half Marathon and the training that goes with it. So friends and fam if you’re reading this get donating! You can donate here too, go on, every $1 counts and is appreciated. Please and thank you. DONATE TO KIDSCAN AND SUPPORT BIDS RUNNING HER FIRST MARATHON

▪️Come up with one hell of a celebration to mark GDNZ kicking around for 2 years as well as a BIG ASS launch for the new website – I did not give that enough love when I somewhat launched it while I was in Fiji! Keep your eyes peeled for some celebrations #GDNZSQUAD!

Now that’s a plan and a half! I must highlight that this won’t be happening all at once. Because that would just be fucking silly! After crafting my plan I can honestly say I am feeling more inspired, I’m feeling like I’m actually showing up and I’m feeling full of purpose again. I’m going to copy my plan over into my Goal Digger Coaching templates and whole heartedly dig in. Just watch me.

Your turn. What are you going to do about it?

If you need help with crafting a plan for getting the fuck out of your own way – I still have spaces available for the last intake of The Goal Digger Coaching Package. Get in touch here, let’s dig in together.



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