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Jenna Ryan | Featured Goal Digger GDNZ Edition

Jenna. Ryan. Wow, where do I begin with this one. I haven’t met this lovely lady in person but crikey we bonded, shared a whole lot of vibes and discovered we are very similar beings throughout our 6 coaching sessions over the phone. Jenna isn’t a settler and after identifying she was not feeling as fulfilled as she would like has taken action through the GDNZ coaching programme to start living life her way. Jenna makes sure each day includes doing more, seeing more and being more of the things that make her heart happy, her soul sing and is constantly striving to be the best version of herself. Jenna is a glowing go-getter of a Goal Digger having completed a full ironman last year she just doesn’t stop! She is always beaming, full of positivity and is now flying solo on her journey to achieve her DREAM BIG goal of starting her own business (Dream Factory NZ), making her holistic health a priority and living a fulfilling life filled with adventure!! Ladies and gents, meet Jen!!

A little bit about myself…

I am a 30 year old single lady living the dream in Rotorua.  Wow that sounds more like a Tinder or internet dating bio than an intro for one of Bridget’s Goal Diggers. I recently moved back here and am loving it.  I have lived all over New Zealand, as well as spending a couple of years in Australia.  My time in Australia provided me with the opportunity to work in the mines (well not actually in the mine), which was an experience and a half.  I feel I have squeezed a lot into my life so far and there is plenty more I want to tick off my bucket list. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be back living in the place I went to high school I would not have believed a word of it.

What inspired you to sign up with Goal Diggers NZ and start chasing your dreams…

I think I’ve always been a bit of a Goal Digger, well since my high school days of rowing. Having completed Ironman in 2015 it then took some time (like nearly a year and 12kg weight gain) to find my training mojo again. I knew I needed some motivation and guidance. Somehow I stumbled across Goal Diggers on Instagram – you know the drill whereby you spend half an hour on the gram and wonder how on earth you ended up on that person’s page. I ended up following Goal Diggers NZ.  Some time later I checked out Bridget’s website and thought that was a bit of me.  I felt like I needed some direction and support to help my ‘Dream Big’ goal become a reality.  Goal Diggers was the place to start!

I am the bomb diggity because I have recently…

Enrolled in an online course through the Southern Institute of Technology.  I am super excited because I haven’t studied since I graduated many moons ago and I know I’m working towards making my dream life a reality, rather than just talking about it.  Time to put my money where my mouth is!

I was held back from achieving my goals when…

I listened to everyone else’s opinions and had doubts due to what society tells us we should or should not be doing with our lives. I let my own self doubt get in the way. I think trusting your gut/intuition and your support crew (you know those friends and whanau who really just get what you’re about) was the best thing for me.

Currently Digging for…

My DREAM BIG goal that I created alongside Bridget in our DREAM BIG coaching session!

It is the 1st of January 2018, I am currently based in B.O.P but I am travelling regularly and loving it. I own my own fitness/health related business which allows me to work from home. I have created a business that allows me to be flexible with the hours that I work as well as where I am working from. I travel regularly and am able to work from anywhere in the world. I have created a supportive and likeminded community full of motivated clients who are willing and ready to change and who share a similar journey to myself and each other. I am leaping out of bed every morning, knowing that my day will be filled with adventure, full of all the things I love and I am making a difference within the community I have created. I feel strong and confident as I am consistently challenging my physical body and mind by being the fittest and healthiest version of me.


The best part about setting goals around my passion and living life my way is…

I feel 100% better about myself. I am working towards being the best version of me and living the life I want to. Bridget has helped me create an action plan to make my dreams more achievable. Introducing an 80/20 clean eating approach and getting back into the gym has been hugely beneficial! I love the fact that all the goals I have set with Bridget have not been about losing weight but rather about feeling good about myself. I can whole heartedly say that I feel 100% better about myself and where I am going. This is a work in progress but I know I’m working towards being the best version of me I can be!

Top 3 bucket list goals I’ve ticked off…

  1. Complete Ironman New Zealand
  2. Go to Europe/UK
  3. Visit Cape Reinga

Top 3 bucket list goals to tick off…

  1. Skydive – I need to cash in the voucher my friends gave me for my birthday!
  2. Go to New York
  3. See Celine Dion perform live


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow know what you truly want to become!”  Steve Jobs

Get listening to…

So many goodies at the mo but I am loving What If I go by Mura Masa.

Get watching…

Suits.  Harvey Specter – no words needed!

When self-doubt and CBF creeps in you stalk…

Makaia Carr from Motivate Me NZ – such a legend with so much inspo on her account

Tammie Wharton from Soul Organics – this spirited individual has made her dream come true and she continues to inspire me on a daily basis

Nathan Martin from Change Fitness – have a look cos this guy really is making a ‘change’ to many people’s lives through fitness.

And obviously…Goal Diggers NZ – Bridget really does continue to inspire me to live the life I truly dreamed of.

When I just need to laugh I…

Call one of my Soul Sisters – you know those chicks in your life that make you laugh till you cry.  I have a handful of close friends that I know I can call on no matter what.


While you’re here, lets set some magic and mindful intentions! I will…

Do More… Meditation

See More… of the world – lock in an overseas adventure!

Be More… Me!

I invest in my body by…

Since completing an Ironman and then somehow managing to put on 12kg in a year, body investment has been a big part of my goals whilst working with Bridget.  I have signed up to a Boxing Gym and I try to get there 5 days/week.  I have been mainly going to the classes, however recently signed up for weekly Personal Training sessions.  This was well outside my comfort zone but I am learning so much and I am on a mission to be able to do 5 proper press ups. Seriously I plan on having a party when I can finally nail this goal!

I invest in my mind by…

Meditation – I know this is good for me and I know I feel better when I do it, so adding that to my Hustle Hard goals with Bridget has been worthwhile.

I invest in my soul by…

Well I just purchased Emma Mildon’s ‘The Soul Searcher’s Handbook – The Modern Girl’s Guide to the New Age World’.  Such a good read and so much awesomeness that any soul sister can relate to!  Definitely a worthwhile investment for my soul.

My top 3 tips for living a kick-ass fulfilling life…

  1. Sign up with Bridget – seriously best investment I have made in myself in a very long time.
  2. Have a “make shit happen” attitude!
  3. Round up your support crew – you know those folk that have always got your back and believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself!

My typical day from AM to PM…

5.30am – Wake up

6am – Gym

7.45ish – Cheeky coffee on my way to work

8am – Work work work

5pm – Catch up with friends, life admin, supermarket etc

6pm – Dinner and food prep for tomorrow

8.30-9ish – Bed

Wake up and repeat!

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