Just Be You! Yeah YOU!!

Hi! Hello!! Kia ora! How are ya? I’m GREAT, thanks for asking – the suns shining, my second load of washing is on, I’ve booked some sweet accommodation for two upcoming trips, Queenstown and Auckland, here I come, and now I’m here, hi again, writing to all the Goal Diggers out there! (And the wannabes, you’re cool too…but click here if you want to join the GOAL DIGGER revolution)

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you would of (fingers crossed, just one hand though, cos apparently both is bad luck…) seen my post at the start of last week with my Do More, See More and Be More goals for the week. Here’s a sneaky preview….

IMG_0114 (1) IMG_0115 (1)

After being inspired by Monday Hustle and a number of other bloggers who post about genuine, rad and thought provoking sh*t, I thought okay Bridget lets do this.

You’ve got this.

You have got it girl.

Write something that your followers and the rest of the virtual world want to read about. It’s been ticking over in my mind for a couple of weeks – mostly while I’m in the shower (who else has major creative marathons in the shower? Just me… awkward), while I’ve been out for one of my crisp, sleepy morning walks, or while I’ve been driving around in my soon to be traded in, girl racer car. And this is what I have come up with… I have NO IDEA what you want to read about!!

And to put it loosely, I’ve decided that I don’t really care. Soz.

No just kidding, I do care but I’m trying not too! BECAUSE I can’t please everyone, I’m no Dan Carter, and if I carry on overthinking (which may just be inevitable) with what I’m going to write about for ya’ll, then if and when, I actually manage to stop thinking, stop putting it off and actually write something, it’s going to be try hard BS, most probably on something I’m not genuinely vibing with, and that you have more than likely already read before with some waaayyy better vocab. WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT IN THAT? So my new mantra for writing (and perhaps life…..) is …… drumroll please……


You like it? I just came up with it riggghhht then. Proud.

Yep… so this is it… This. Is. The. Post. From the post. Do More of the things I’m passionate about e.g. get creating GDNZ resources to share with you Goal Diggers and write some more posts for the website. GDNZ inception, right there!!! And now perhaps you’re wondering, Bridget where are you going with this girl?

I’m here shouting, screaming, yelling…


You’re not Dan Carter either (or are you? Dan Carter if you’re reading this.. Hiii!! Great drop goal…) and you simply cannot please everybody no matter how hard you try (no pun intended there Dan). And you want to know a secret… it is not your job. Nope. Not. At. All. If they’re not happy, it is their problem to solve, not yours!!

Now I’m not rallying for you to go intentionally upsetting people (TROLLS, KEYBOARD WARRIORS, WHAT IS YOUR F’N PROBLEM??) But how about we all start putting ourselves first. Let’s start doing what we WANT to be doing and quit with what we THINK we should be doing. Quit people pleasing. Quit following trends. Quit suffocating your genuine self to ‘fit in‘. Quit trying to become a vegetarian* even though your favourite meal is a big fat juicy steak (with fried eggs, onions, mushrooms, salad and fries, naturally). Quit writing blog posts about sh*t you think people want to read about. And while we’re here, being the most genuine and honest version of ourselves (GO US!!), quit your stupid, unfulfilling job that gives you anxiety EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.


If it’s not a hell yes… it’s gotta be a hell no!!


As long as you are being kind, genuine and honest to yourself, nobody’s opinion should change how YOU feel about YOU. So just do you!

Do More. See More. Be More. Be YOU!!


*Nothing but respect for Vegetarians, two of my besties are strong advocates!! Whatever floats your boat babes!!! Just make sure you are the one rowing it!!!

**Always be nice to your Mum. I’m continuously working on that… Be more grateful for and nicer to my Mumma. No worries for the shout out Mum, I’ve got your back.

Passion & Positivity

Bridget xx

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