Life lessons and delicious pieces of wisdom I’ve been fed along the way

It has officially been one year since I put GDNZ out into the universe, one year since I started to live life my own way and one year that I have owned my very own business! What a rollercoaster ride so far and it definitely won’t be easing up anytime soon. I’ve put together 10 lessons (out of hundreds) that I’ve learnt within the last year that are relatable not just to starting your own business, but to life in general. I’m passing them onto you. Hopefully you can take a gem or two away with you. Dig in.

  1. You have to 100% believe and have confidence in yourself, your business and your message in order for others to believe. If you don’t believe it, why would anyone else?
  2. Listen hard to your gut feeling when it comes to business and life in general. Your intuition is there to guide you! If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t!
  3. You can say ‘no” to anything. You do not have to say ‘yes’ to please anyone. Do what you want to do. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. On the flip side, especially in business, you will hear ‘no’ on the regular. It is only one word made up from two tiny letters. Don’t let it defeat you, suck it up and try again or move on to the next possibility.
  4. There are people in your life who are there for you unconditionally and people in your life who are not. Hold on tight to the unconditional’s and love them unconditionally right back. Weed out the mediocrities. Surround yourself with honest, genuine and supportive people only. You choose who you spend time with, so choose wisely.
  5. In life there will always always always be an easier option. I can count the number of times I’ve thought about going back to teaching full-time, having that comfort of a salary, being told what to do and having guidelines to follow, leaving work behind at 5pm and having work-free weekends. However, the only thing that that would be fulfilling would be my bank balance. Choose the road less travelled, work hard and the pay off will come sooner than you might think.
  6. Have strict boundaries. Don’t let your business, job or career consume you. Have a certain time each day that you switch off from ‘work’. Prioritise time for being present with loved ones. Work can wait, you might think it can’t, but it can, it will still be there tomorrow!
  7. Spend time outdoors. For me, nature and fresh air is as good as a holiday. A weekly adventure instantly recharges me, clears my head and feeds my soul.
  8. Find your purpose in life and commit to it. Find your passions in life and make time for them.
  9. Be extremely mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Focus on your goals and what you want in each aspect of your life. As soon as you start focusing on the negative, it will multiply. First hand experience over here!
  10. Do something each day to fulfil your mind, body and soul. Look at health holistically, as soon as you neglect one aspect of health, the rest comes tumbling down so make sure you’re looking after your physical, mental and spiritual health.

I’d love for you to share a lesson or lessons you’ve learnt in 2016 in the comments below or on the Facebook post.

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