Money, money, money!!

Money doesn’t have to be stressful, make you worry or give you anxiety.

When you confront your financial situation, get conscious about your beliefs around money and set magnetising money goals, money is easy, empowering and even fun!!

We will cover…

  1. Your money story
  2. Money Goals
  3. Magnetising and managing your money

In this masterclass, we will have you…

  • Confronting your current financial situation
  • Bringing consciousness to where your beliefs around money came from and why you think about money the way you do
  • Crafting a new, empowering money story and belief system
  • Implementing practical and strategic tips and tricks to manage and make more money
  • Manifesting money through powerful daily rituals 
  • Crafting your own magnetising money goals 
  • Feeling calmer, more organised and empowered when you think and talk to about money. 

In the Magnetising your Money Goals masterclass you get…

1x 90 minute video training with NZ’s leading Goals Coach, Bridget Paddon

1x Detailed and downloadable PDF workbook that supports everything Bridget share’s in the live training and sets you up to magnetise your very own money goals!

1x Access to FB Group to share your money wins with other money magnets who have completed the masterclass



INSTANT ACCESS! You will be sent an email with all of your goodies along with your payment confirmation so you can start Magnetising your Money Goals right now!

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