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Wow. Where do I begin. I’ve just sat down after my first spiritual healing session feeling a whole lot lighter and just a bit more like ‘me’. What a positive and eye opening journey it was. I’ll fill you in from start to finish.

So we all go through shit in life, different shit for different people. Physically we react to it, there might be tears, anger, an argument. We can identify and visually see our physical reaction but what happens mentally and spiritually?? Depending on how you deal with it OR in my case, don’t deal with it, it can have an HUMUNGOUS impact  on your everyday holistic health as well as future relationships. For example, do you have constant headaches that you can’t find the cause of? More than likely there has been some significant trauma that has happened in your past that perhaps you haven’t fully dealt with. This constant headache is a sign from your being that a) the trauma is still impacting you and b) you need to sort it out ASAP.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing where this negative energy is identified and cleared from your body and your chakras are opened. We all have 7 chakras. A chakra is ‘an energy center within our physical bodies. The word chakra is Sanskrit for ‘vortex’ or ‘wheel’. (Thank you Emma Mildon, for the beautiful definition) The spiritual healing takes place within these 7 chakras, as the healer breaks down any blockages of energy in each chakra, removing the negative and replacing it with the positive.  The healing process is in most cases completely hands off, no physical contact as it is all done through the transfer and clearing of energy. Still with me?

At the start of my session, my gorgeous healer talked me through what exactly happens throughout the process and listed off a number of things I may experience as the healing takes place. These included:

  • Feeling of heat or pressure in the area she is working on
  • Pins and needles
  • Feeling of falling
  • Experiencing visions of people, colours and anything else that may be of significance
  • Overwhelming emotions

She informed me that first she does a scan of my chakras, tuning into my energy, doing a quick sweep and then begins healing. I jumped on her massage table, face up, under a blanket, eyes closed and off we went.

I immediately felt the heat of energy above my head where she started on my crown chakra (the very top of the head) and third eye chakra (forehead between the eyes). I was almost instantly in a meditative state, where I was completely aware of what was going on around me but completely relaxed with zero to minimal thoughts going through my head and my eyes kind of rolled into the back of my head in the most relaxing way possible. So that’s what meditation is supposed to be like??

I’m unsure how long the healing took as I wasn’t keeping an eye on time. It would of been anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour. I had a number of very intriguing experiences throughout this period of time. Like I said before, the heat. I could tell exactly what chakra or part of my body she was working on because that area would get significantly hot from the energy. My emotions changed a lot. It is hard to describe, but my facial expressions would change with how I was feeling, it was very very interesting. One minute I’d be frowning, with lips turned down, the next minute I’d be smiling away. It was actually really amazing and also made a lot more sense after it was explained to me what energy she was working through at the time of each emotional change. As I said you’re fully aware of what is going on around you and I noticed that when my healer was working on my solar plexus chakra (upper abdomen and stomach area) and sacral chakra (lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel and two inches in) that she was actually crying, not hysterically, but I was aware of sniffing back tears and her moving away to grab a tissue a number of times. Funnily enough this had little affect on me at the time because of the overwhelming meditative state I was in. Purple and white were both prominent colours that I saw throughout the healing. Following the healing I physically felt very similar to how I feel after a full body massage. Thirsty, fatigued and tired.

The other part to the healing is the most interesting is where the healer talks through what she felt and saw, talks about blockages and experiences that have contributed to this and gives you tools or guidance to help move on from them. Like I mentioned, I knew she had been upset during so I asked her about this. Sometimes emotional channeling also takes places during a healing and she could feel past emotions that I had been through.

I had a huge blockage in my sacral and solar plexus chakras which stemmed from a number of past relationships that left me feeling disempowered. One in particular comes to mind but a number of both relationships and friendships had contributed to this blockage. The sacral chakra affects our sense of abundance, wellbeing and pleasure.  The solar plexus chakra affects our self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence. Would it be too much of a generalisation to say that everybody experiences a shit relationship? I certainly have and before heading to this healing I fully well knew the affect it had and still has on me. My healer explained to me that I have this very serious ‘fear’ of feeling disempowered once again and I constantly put up walls to ensure this doesn’t happen. Disempowered meaning having no control over a situation or someone else having control over me. In my past said relationship that is exactly what it was like and when my healer said the word ‘disempowered’ it all made sense, that is exactly how I felt for a long time. He was a cheater, a liar, a manipulator and I succumb to his bullshit (as we tend to do, when we are young and dare I say it, dumb). I had no control. I was not in a good place. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know that actually I did have the power, the power to control my thoughts, my actions and my life.

My beautiful healer did what she needed to do with this energy during the healing which included breaking up a huge mass where the fear had just kept on growing and growing. During the discussion surrounding this I naturally became very upset. I’ve spoken openly about this relationship to friends and my partner but never fully understood the huge impact it had on me and the people around me. I made the point of asking her how to make sure this doesn’t affect my current relationship and she informed me that because of the healing it will have no future affect. She told me there was a lot of positive energy in my heart chakra and knew I was in a loving relationship with a very genuine partner. Her advice was to listen to my inner voice and intuition. Stop thinking and start feeling. I could never possibly let myself end up in that situation or similar again because I’ve evolved as a being and will continue to do so.

Pretty heavy stuff. I also had a small blockage in my throat chakra which affects our communication and self-expression of feelings and the truth. My healer told me I have a respected and powerful  voice and that I need to speak up a whole lot more. Instead of masking my opinions, thoughts and feelings by saying what I think people want to hear or not saying anything at all, to just fucking say it (in the politest way possible of course haha).

The purple that I saw during the healing signifies higher spiritual development and the white is associated with purity, healing, cleansing and protection which my healer informed is WICKED and was very happy that I had these colour visions. Purple really connecting with the need for me to listen to my intuition.

My healer was a gorgeous friend of mine that I have worked with and known for about a year. She is spiritually gifted and the conversations I have had with her blow my mind. I am absolutely intrigued and in love with my spiritual journey so far and am looking forward to tapping into my intuition, starting to listen to my gut and stop overthinking! We all know what is right for us, we just have to turn on and listen to the signs that both our intuition and the universe are giving us.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you are local and want to get in touch with this gorgeous lady – goaldiggersnz@gmail.com

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Photo credit: @harleyquinnandco

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