If you have read part one of my blog series about coming off the pill you’ll know how much of a negative impact it can have on our holistic health. (If you haven’t read it, go check it out now before you continue with part two, click here) I’m sure you’re wondering, what happens when […]


Last night I was told politely to stop being so humble and to get out of my own way.  By the one and only, spiritual realist, Emma Mildon. Thanks Em 😉 . But fuck she couldn’t have spoke more to my soul if she had tried. You might be the same as me and the fact […]


December last year I made the choice to stop taking the contraceptive pill. I think at that point I was on one called Ginet. How good are the names though.. Estelle, Ava, Yasmin. (Levlen, you really lucked out on the name front). They definitely sound like babes that you want to have in your squad. […]

Why Multitasking Is Ruining Your Life

If multi-tasking was a professional sport or skill at the Olympics, I’d be there. I’d fucking win. And while I’m standing up there on the podium proud as punch receiving my glorious gold medal, I’ll be making efficient use of my time by networking with my fellow medal receivers #goaldiggers, directing someone with very precise instructions to […]

Featured Goal Diggers | Chloe and Sarah @zeenyaclothing

One of my intentions that I try to include in my day to day life is to be more mindful, especially when it comes to my own and others holistic health. So here’s what has been playing on my mind this morning. Where have our clothes come from? Who made them? How much were they paid […]

Summer Activewear Essentials @stirlingsportsofficial

Activewear addict? Me too! Wondering where Summer is? Me too!! Well Stirling Sports has us covered from head to toe while the weather decides what season it’s in!! They’ve got our backs! Thanks Stirling Sports!! This month I reached out to Stirling Sports to collaborate together to showcase some pieces from their new ranges and their […]

Gina Reed | Featured Goal Digger GDNZ EDITION

Introducing our first Featured Goal Digger for 2017 the energetic and passionate Gina! I thought there is no better way to start this year off than with one of my own amazing coaching clients who inspires me every time we speak and I’m sure she is guaranteed to inspire you too! I’ve been working alongside […]

Twenty Sixteen. One fucking doozie of a year.

Twenty Sixteen. The year where life stared me straight in the face and said a big fuck you. Right up until this very second actually. You would not believe it, but I’ve already written this blog post once, attempted five times to read it aloud to a friend that left us both with tears streaming […]

Featured Goal Diggers | Ren & Jen @realhealthnz

This week I’m super happy to introduce two inspirational Goal Diggers who make up the team at Real Health NZ. Ren and Jen have created an amazing online platform to empower women’s wellness through real food and daily movement that is accessible to everybody! They have a clear passion for health, fitness and holistic wellness […]