Featured Goal Digger | Courtney Ogle @crave.lifestyle

Where does one even begin when they have just read answers to questions that feel like they came straight out of their own head. I’m currently feeling like this one, Courtney Ogle, and I have somehow been separated at birth or perhaps, far more logical, been sisters in a past life, because holy cow I […]

Featured Goal Digger | Misty Sansom

Meet Misty, this weeks Featured Goal Digger. Misty got in touch with me to check out her e-book, Find Your Purpose, to see if I would be interested in giving away a copy to my GDNZ followers!! After reading the e-book I found that Misty and I 100% share the same vibe and are both […]

Featured Goal Digger | Megan @shesaidyes

  If you’re the girl that has dreamed of walking down the aisle at the wedding of the year her whole life, then this week’s Featured Goal Digger is just for you! The gorgeous Megan from She Said Yes is here to inspire and educate us on our journey of love, from when we say […]