The importance of morning routines and how to set up your own.

Our founder Bridget – aka the new expert life coach for News Talk ZB’s Saturday morning segment – talked to Jake Tame recently about morning routines.

Morning routines set you up for the day – if you start reactive, you’re probably going to continue reactive. It sets up the tone for the day – how you feel for the rest of the day and how you act as a result. Why wouldn’t you want to find a way to feel awesome and act at your best right?!

Here are some of the tips from the segment about setting up your own routine.

1. Start with thinking about how you want to feel throughout the day.

2. Look at actions you can take in the morning to feel that way. For example if you want to feel energised your morning might consist of a powerhouse breakfast and a high intensity session.

3. Try avoid media/phone/tv until you’ve started the day the way you want to. Then you’re setting your own expectations and feelings to start the day rather than just taking in everyone else’s. Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

Jack even had a good tip himself – he likes to add in some “fat” by making sure there is extra time in his morning routine. This helps him start the day calm because there was no worries about running late.

Have a listen to the audio below to get all of the dets and extra tips Bids shared.