Twenty Seventeen was a year full of transformation and growth, self doubt and learning to act without expectation.

I started the year broken. I started the year the lightest I had weighed in a very long time yet with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I started the year with concerned friends making suggestions to go and talk to someone about my state of mind and look into antidepressants. I started the year dependant on those around me. I started the year numb, lost and full of uncertainty.

As depressing as it began, with the support from those around me, digging deep within myself and practicing what I preach to my coaching clients, it didn’t take me long to get back in the driver’s seat and turn 2017 into a pretty fucking magical year.

Twenty Seventeen was a year full of firsts for me. First year full time coaching and working on GDNZ. First time putting my undivided trust in the universe while ticking off my first bungy jump and skydive. First time entering a half marathon which went hand and hand with the first time raising over $1000 for a charity. First time being well and truly stood up for a date. First time exploring the beautiful Bay of Plenty and Mount Maunganui. First time being close to dealing with a grief I can’t even begin to imagine as one of my parent’s had a lucky escape from the Grim Reaper himself. First time easing off the GDNZ reins a little bit by putting my trust in another human being to help out with my baby! Just to name a few!

I travelled the country, twice. I explored places, walking tracks, waterfalls and beaches that supplied naturegasm after naturegasm. I made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and strengthened friendships with best friends. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid, standing beside some of the people closest to me, not once, but twice (and number three in a couple of weeks!). I travelled to Fiji and embraced Fiji Life twice, creating memories to last a lifetime with my Soul Sis and her now husbo. I had the privilege of working with a countless amount of ambitious, passionate and soul driven coaching clients that filled my soul bucket to the brim, teaching me more than they’ll ever know. I discovered new levels of fulfilment, contentment and became obsessively grateful (Thank you Soph).

Although it wasn’t all happy days. You will be surprised to know that I came very fucking close to giving up on GDNZ. In that second half of 2017, self doubt went into overdrive and I was well and truly considering throwing that towel in and never looking back. I doubted my coaching skills, I doubted my business owning abilities, I doubted that GDNZ was worthwhile pursuing. I was overwhelmed and the temptation of going back to teaching, going back to someone else calling the shots, going back to a steady, guaranteed salary, going back to ‘normal’ hours with ‘normal’ days off, was very real. This lasted a couple of months where I felt extremely low, unfulfilled and lost yet again. But it’s so important to know that this is all part of the journey, not just mine, but yours too. It created a whole lot of opportunity for growth and transformation. I had to get honest with myself, reevaluate what I wanted, why I wanted it, how much I wanted it and if I have been doing everything in my power to get there?

A big lesson learnt in twenty seventeen was that of acting without expectation. Especially when it comes to other people. As easy as it is to make assumptions of how something is going to turn out, or how somebody is going to act, the only person you can control is yourself. And as long as you are living, breathing and experiencing life with integrity in a way that aligns to your own values then you’ve nailed it, and that’s all that matters! In 2017 I learnt to act without expectation. I learnt to do what’s right and true to me for the sake of doing it, not because of the outcome.

I finished the year whole. I finished the year strong, confident and on top of the world. I finished the year making outrageous memories with my friends that I call family. I finished the year independent, in the zone and the most empowered I’ve ever been. I finished the year feeling all the feels, full of gratitude, love and spine tingling happiness. I finished the year knowing exactly who I am, where I’m heading and what I want out of life!

Isn’t it incredible what can happen in 365 days? Thank you for the lessons Twenty Seventeen! I’m more than ready to dig in to 2018! Are you? Let’s grow!


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