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What to do when you’re stuck in a rut

Acknowledge you’ve lost the plot

Hi, I’m Bridget and a couple of weeks ago I was stuck in a big fat stressful and passion suffocating rut. This is the first and most important step to sorting your shit out. Acknowledging that you’re just not nailing it, acknowledging that you’re stressed, acknowledging that you are not bringing your A game to your day to day life and understanding that it won’t be this way forever. But it is the current situation … and that’s okay.

Become friends with your rut

Take a day or two, or hey take three if you really want to, to feel like shit, to feel like a failure, to mope, to Netflix, to wear no pants, to do what you gotta do. Take this time to nut out your rut by talking it through with a couple of close friends. Have a vent. Have a wine. Have a meltdown. Have a block of chocolate. More whine (see what I did there!).

Reflective Detective

Alright, alright, you’ve had your time to be a temporary loser – shits getting real now, I know you’re better than this, you know you’re better than this! YOU ARE A GOAL DIGGER! Next step, reflect. reflect. reflect. How did you end up in this defeated state? What or who is stressing you the F out?

  • Your job you don’t care about?
  • Your partner who is constantly grinding your gears and refuses to see anything from your point of view?
  • The bills you have to work work work everyday to pay?
  • That certain family member who cannot see the positive in anything and you just want to shake them?
  • Failing friendships?
  • The fact that you 100% believe that you are a true super hero and  have overcommitted  your time and energy to others before putting yourself first?
  • That empty feeling that you’re life is not cutting the mustard, you’re not fulfilled, like, ever!

What is it that you need to change? Is there something you can stop doing? Or is there something new  you can start doing? 

Plan the day away

It’s time to step it up and start sorting out your shit. Make a plan Stan. Start with planning how you want your day to look. A few simple and mindful routines will make a massive difference and leave you with a sense of success. Babe you got out of bed this morning the first time the alarm went off, SMASHING IT!  You came home after work, took the time to put yourself first and zenned out in downward dog, KAPAI! You wrote in your gratitude journal for 5 nights in a row, absolutely nailing it you superstar!  A routine will keep you sane, motivated and feeling in control!!

You also need to make sure you include your well-thought out and neatly written detective notes in your plan of attack. Make a plan to avoid the same thing happening again. Get organised. Open up. Find some structure. Be proactive.

What are 3 small routines or rituals you can include in your day to help you feel successful, grounded and motivated? How can you manage or cut-out the factors that you acknowledged were the cause of your meltdown? Cos we ain’t got time for that!! 

Just do it

You’ve made your plan, it is up to you to climb outta the hole and start nailing it again!! No one else can help!! It’s all you babe!! You’ve got this!!

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